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Long back people who intended to sell their house needed to go to their local estate agent. They were required to get registered with them. For this purpose they were supposed to pay a huge amount of money. A lot of changes have been witnessed in the recent years. Internet has made selling and buying a property relatively easy. It has been realized that maximum people who want to buy a property surf the internet. Some buyers still go to estate agents or search information on the internet. This increased use of internet for information regarding real estate gave rise to a new concept called online estate agency.

Now a million dollar question arises that why should you opt for an online estate agency? Research as has been done in this regard proves that it saves the money as would have been spent on fees that is to be paid to estate agents. Main point is that the services were provided to the fullest. So we can infer that the deal through online estate agency is profitable and comfortable.

If you are not involving an estate agent for your work then there will be some work that needs to be done by you:

First work that is to be done by you is that you have to present your home in front of a prospective buyer. It is possible that you may be having some awkward feeling while showing your own home. But it should be kept in mind that you are the best person who is well acquainted with your home. You have every detail whatsoever of your home. You know each and every corner and can give information about your home better than anybody else. People are having the notion that estate agents are efficient in carrying out this type of a work but that is not the reality. Practically it has been realized that if a home owner himself describes the house in front of the potential buyer then the person who intends to buy will believe the home owner rather than anybody else.

Second work as is expected from you is to set your home price. You know your home well and can     estimate the real price of your property. If you are not able to do that you can take help from the internet. Many home owners do have an idea of their home worth. So this is not a work that cannot be accomplished by you.


For a home seller, if he intends to sell his property he can take help from the internet and save thousands of rupees which he was supposed to pay to the real estate agents.


Summarizing the above written facts we can say that online estate agents are beneficial as they save your money, provide you all the services as could have been provided by a real estate agency. They are reliable and you need not to go anywhere to seek their help. You can log on to their website and get any information.

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