How to Use Present Participle and Past Participle

I, Adeyemi Fawole, would like to inform you about Present and Perfect Participles. I have chosen this topic as I have seen many non-native speakers making mistakes in their uses.

 Present Participle:

Present participle is used as an adjective to express an action in progress at a particular time.


I heard him shouting at his son.

Can you see that dancing lady?

I’m seeing something burning.

He was trapped in his burning house when I phoned him.

Don’t waste your valuable time playing video games.

If I catch you reading my notebooks in my absence, it would not be in your interest.

I saw him sitting in the garden.

Being a middle class person, he can not afford to buy expensive apparels.

2- Present participle is used in continuous tenses.


I am reading.

I was singing.

Past Participle:

A past participle shows a completed action.


I’ve done my job.

Have you finished your lunch?

He combed his hair before leaving his home.

2- Past Participle is used as an adjective.


He came to me with a broken arm.

That tortured girl went to police to lodge her complaint.

I, Adeyemi Fawole, believe you would have found the blog helpful. If you want to learn how to write correct English, these two thing and their use will certainly help you a lot to achieve your goal up to some extent. You just need to remember above mentioned rules and practice exercises to become perfect in using present participle and perfect participle

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