Bidet Use Hemorrhoids Relief

The use of a bidet can provide a great amount of relief from the symptom of hemorrhoids one currently has, and can even prevent hemorrhoids from developing. This means that installing a bidet in your bathroom can give twice the benefit from hemorrhoids with its one time installation. Thanks to modern Japanese technology, having a bidet installed in your bathroom has become very affordable.

Having Hemorrhoids is an uncomfortable medical condition to experience. Hemorrhoids are inflamed or swollen veins that may be located inside the rectum, called internal hemorrhoids, or may occur under the skin around the anus which is then called external hemorrhoids. Common uncomfortable symptoms of having hemorrhoids include itching or irritation and pain in the anal region. With hemorrhoids, wiping with toilet paper after going to the toilet can bring about significant pain and discomfort.

A bidet is considered to be one of the best solutions that deserve to be considered by people suffering from any conditions hindering them to attain proper cleansing after toilet use. A simple installation of a new kind of bidet attachment on your existing toilet is all you need.  You do not need to install a whole bidet. This will save you hundreds of dollars.  The attachment comes with various controls offering the user the freedom to choose the perfect setting to attain the comfort he or she desires. The bidet attachment is easy to hook up to your existing bathroom plumbing, in most cases it is a DIY project of about 30 minutes.  The bidet attachment will target a gentle temperature control water stream to the anal region and will wash you just as a shower would. You will have controls to adjust the temperature, and pressure of the water to your individual need.  It is the best, most complete, cleansing experience after going to the bathroom, whether you have hemorrhoids or you don’t.

Using a bidet will even prevent hemorrhoid from becoming worse by avoiding further irritation from toilet paper. Straining during bowel movement and constipation are major causes of hemorrhoids, and using a bidet actually helps relieve constipation, promoting and triggering ease in defecation. This will then help prevent future hemorrhoids or prevent it from reoccurring. Sitting for long periods in the toilet seat is also one of the causes of hemorrhoids, and with a bidet this can be prevented because you do not have to sit and wait for the bowel movement to happen. A bidet will work with your parasympathetic nervous system to initiate a bowel movement. Even after hemorrhoids are treated, pain can still exist and can be bothersome during cleansing in the anal area. This again makes a bidet the solution to attaining comfort during cleansing. Keeping one’s self clean after urinating or defecating will help prevent further infections from developing.

A bidet does not only have benefits for hemorrhoids but also for other medical conditions. It will always promote good health and freshness. Improve your overall health by starting with proper cleaning after every toilet use with the regular use of a multi-beneficial bidet.

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