Effective surgeries for good riddance from obesity

  • Lose that fat

There are many individuals resorting to surgery to shed those extra kilos. Earlier the only solution would be to cut down on food, or to indulge in healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. These days technology has advanced to such a level that a few minutes under the knife and you are guaranteed upto seventy percent of weight loss in the first year after surgery. One such surgery is the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Depending on the weight of the patient before the operation, the amount of weight loss after surgery can be determined. However surgery alone is not effective in bringing about appropriate weight loss. Dedication towards a healthy living is of utmost importance for every patient.

  • Reducing the size of the tummy

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery wherein the size of the stomach is reduced to a great extent. This restricts the amount of food that an individual can eat in one go. Since this process does not interfere with the digestive system, there is no fear of malnutrition and the like. Close to 75% of the stomach is removed or stapled over a period of one or two hours. As the stomach size has been reduced to a significant extent, the chances of one feeling hungry drastically falls.  Gastric bypass is the second part of this surgery. This is performed in a year from the date of the surgery after major amount of weight loss. There are many risks associated with the laparoscopic sleeve surgery such as bleeding, infection to other organs and even leakage issues from the staples.

  • Changing your digestive system

Gastric surgery for weight loss is one of the popular bariatric surgeries. Gastric surgeries along with other surgeries for weight loss are collectively known as bariatric surgery. Despite the presence of other modern surgeries, surgeons prefer the gastric surgery for weight loss as it has fewer complications. However every weight loss surgery is an intensive one and is carried out only by able hands. To curb the possible side effects and potential weight gain, permanent changes to your lifestyle has to be ensured. This is the only way the weight loss surgeries can be termed as successful.

  • Weight and related problems

There are dangerous problems associated with increase in your weight. Few of them include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, sleep disorders and gastro esophageal reflux disease. Gastric bypass is for those whose BMI is forty or higher. Bariatric surgeries are generally very expensive, therefore always check with your doctor and insurance provider before you finalize on any surgery. There is nothing better if you can avoid a surgery however in most cases this is not possible. Therefore being prepared in advance is always recommended. Monitoring your eating habits for life and switching to a healthy lifestyle permanently involves a lot of courage and determination however this will put the fear of potential weight gain to rest forever. Reach out to your medical aid today if your BMI categorizes you as obese.
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