Customized Chatwing Android Chat App Mugs Now Planned as Giveaways to Interested Moderators

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 30, 2013

As the first batch of Chatwing shirts were given to random web users, the company is now planning to offer customized mugs. These mugs will be given to people who are interested to become chat room software moderators in over dozens of blogs. The moderators must have foreknowledge regarding different topics, such as app development, technology, gadgets, social media, social news, and gaming.

The designs of the mugs will feature the Chatwing website chat app logos, interspersed with Internet memes or color combinations. For example, Chatwing administrators are planning to combine the logos of social media networks and several chatroom appearances. This will signify the Chatwing apps reliability in the social media premise.

The company will also emphasize the chat widget tools capability of reaching hundreds of people within a fixed time. Thus, receivers of the mugs can expect for group shots of people or just plain silhouettes. Anime characters can also be included in the mugs, upon request. However, it is still uncertain if the company will include movie screenshots and production themes in the mug designs. Suggestions from users will be queried properly by Chatwings moderators.

In the recent plan, the company will launch up to 50 mugs. Interested moderators from WordPress, Xanga, Wix, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and other communities can just send their requests to the Chatwing database. Additionally, Chatwing chat software developers will post the necessary updates in the companys social networks.

About is a company that has brought innovation to the modern chat widget. Operating for more than five years now, Chatwing and its team of developers have dozens of ideas ready to be introduced to the public. The Chatwing chat app is an easy-to-use online tool that can help web users interact with each other and can also generate continuous traffic. Chatwing will always be a freemium application for everyone.

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