Bob has decided to go nuclear. ☻/ …

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Bob has decided to go nuclear.
☻/ / Nuclear weapons are the only way to fix Youtube.
/▌ |☢| Copy and Paste this all over Youtube
/ //||\ to completely obliterate Google +

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Racist Sororities at the University of Alabama
its 2 and a half months since I started uni and although at the start I was
enjoying it im extremely homesick and I hate it! im crying everynight and I
can tell my flatmates are sick of it, im going home every weekend or twice
a month but it still isn’t enough. I don’t know what to do, I still want to
stay and get a degree but I cant deal with crying myself to sleep for much

What happens to pets whose owners become hospitalized?
The arrangements would be up to the animal’s owner. Preferably if someone were ill or disabled they would have a safety net in place in case a circumstance like this arose.

It is a good question. Those of us who are healthy should have a plan in place too.

But if a pet owner, a person who lives alone, were suddenly hospitalized no one would even know about the animals left behind unless that owner contacted someone and gave them the keys, money for food etc. If the went through a social worker at the hospital I do believe the results could be grim. If the social worker contacted the city or county animal control the animal would be euthanized. In most places, after 7 days.

To my knowledge there is no agency that would go feed the animals every day. That would be like a pet sitting service. I am sure no charity has the funds or the volunteers to do that and the hospital’s social workers would not be hunting them down.

Some years ago my neighbor, unbeknownst to me, was commited to detox by her brother. One of his kids was swinging by to pick up the mail and newspapers so I had no idea Mary wasn’t there. Did notice her cat was out a lot though. And had become very friendly with me. And thin.

Mary was gone 2 weeks before I knew what was going on and that the cat was locked out, alone, and not being fed. Her cat would have starved if I hadn’t fed it because she was gone more than a month.

If you think you may become unable to care for your animals, please get all the arrangements in order right now. Include extra sets of keys, extra pet supplies, extra cash, contact information for animal shelters. You should also contact shelters and explain everything and make sure they have your name and the name of you pet care proxy.

I really don’t know all the details of what to do but I advise you to work it all out if you feel the need is imminent .

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