2 word Usain Bolt, Nobody likes u guys …

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2 word Usain Bolt, Nobody likes u guys

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How do I get my finance to stop swearing?
What the f*&! business is it of yours if the moth$ $ f***r curses all the d*** time?

(You cannot EVER change other people’s behaviour, only the way you react to it. Out there somewhere is another guy with all his ‘positives’ and none of his ‘negatives’. Don’t you think you deserve better? He isn’t going to change!)

How to drink a lot of alcohol without getting too drunk?
Be strategic about it. Drink a shot when playing but then take a break, go to the bathroom, walk out side and have some water (not all at the same time but the point is to take a break between drinks).

I have used this strategy with great success for 30 years. And, the water between drinks does a great job of reducing or eliminating you from becoming sick the next day.

i always tell girls to be just a little more careful than guys when drinking (except when driving is involved when EVERYBODY should avoid it). Never lose control. Once you’ve lost control, you can be taken advantage of.

Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball
That happens in all basketball, not just pickup. ;D

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