Deep cleaning wooden floors

Wooden floors add warmth, richness and natural texture to your home but maintenance requires adequate efforts. As it is, wooden floors come with unique textures, cutting, fixes and styles. When you think that cleaning with a rug makes its shiny and quaint, there are several nooks and corners you are missing and could lead to bacterial growth and contamination. What is advised is deep and regular cleaning and using special wood floor mops designed for your case.

Wooden floors could be easily ruined with carelessness in cleaning. The cleaning procedure for wooden floor also relate to the lifetime and longevity of the material. The usual process involves regular sweeping to remove the buildup of grime, dirt and sand. For pet owners, the area of focus should be even wider and it involves litter getting tracked throughout. The outdoor environment too is a factor to consider. If you are living on the road or near to a beach, the chances of pollutants getting on your floor are more. Even if it may sound difficult, it is advisable to apply wet floor mops at least once every week. However, also make sure that the floor is soaked completely dry as any standing water will damage the color and texture of the material, apart from weakening it. The wet floor mop should just be damp enough to trap dust and hair, not leave water behind.

For deeper clean, occasional use of compatible solutions and disinfectants, say once every month is encouraged. This will rightly take care of the tuff spots like oil marks, ink and lipstick. Removing the stain the instance it gets put is the ideal procedure but the process can wait for the monthly cleaning day in case you have a busy schedule top live up to.

Now, the areas that get considerably more traffic and footfall, prevention is best done by using area rugs and entrance mats. The best way to keep floors clean and healthy is keeping it clean in the first instance. Encourage the habit of taking the shoes off at the entrance and keep your feet dry while moving about in the room. These healthy practices could also be extended towards pets in the house. When every member of the house understands the importance of keeping the house clean, the job is easier done.

Also never drag your furniture when they need to be repositioned – try lifting and moving them such that no scratches take place. Prolonged exposure to sunlight to is also something to be concerned about. There are several types of wood floor mop available in the market and each is compatible with some wood material. Hard wood floor mops will not necessarily work with softer materials. If you are too concerned about your investment on a beautiful wood floor, these are some necessary points you need to take note of. Vileda has some interesting products when it comes to floor mops. Check out the variety of products and there should certainly be something for your use.

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