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Well, its spring and time to take down the curtains and allow the hearty natural air to fill your homes! Spring cleaning has been an age old tradition and after you have spent the winters locked up in your cozy rooms; it’s time to get rid of the accumulated tiredness. Nowadays, spring cleaning has extended itself to offices and commercial buildings. It’s about following the tradition, but the idea is to promote a safe premise for all the inhabitants.

Be it home of the workplace, one spends a considerable amount of time depending and coming in close contact with the buildings. To be certain that no infection or bacteria is passed on; there is a variety of spring cleaning products available in the market. All of us understand that cleaning could be a tuff job and take substantial amount of time, energy and sometimes investment. Planning is the key to make things happen and this applies to home cleaning too.

Take a walk around your rooms, possibly with a pen and paper in hand and try to identify the areas that need focus. This will include everything from curtains to storerooms to the farthest cabinet corner in your kitchen and probably the HVAC system too. Making a checklist beforehand ensures that you have all the household cleaning products right beside you when it’s time to wear the gloves and take the mop in your hands!

Coming to the things you need, you again have several options to choose from. You probably won’t require the best quality microfiber cloth but a lot of furniture polish spray. De-cluttering takes a lot of time and thought. A general purpose surface cleaner for the kitchen may be used for the bathroom or the store but your hardwood bedroom will certainly require more sensitive household cleaning products. Some surfaces in your premises would demand deep cleaning while others could be satisfied with the broomstick.

Cleaning of the household could also be accompanied with a little refurbishment and relocation of furniture. You may be surprised that your space could be given a whole new looking and lot of free spaces could be created. Mostly it is warm water that will do the job but some areas may require the use of chemical. When using disinfectants, apply wisely as it would accompany adverse health effects and also affect the environment negatively.

Having and following a strategy for spring cleaning makes the process simple. When your checklist of spring cleaning products is complete and ready, it takes a day to have your home ready for the long sweaty summers. While spring cleaning is a practice in general, one should ensure that household cleaning is done as often as possible. A healthy house is the key to a comfortable and responsible living.

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