Best ways to clean sensitive laminate floors

Laminate flooring is done by applying two or more layers of flooring materials together, which could be a combination of both natural and synthetic compounds, but inevitably give the floor a glossy and super clean look. Any hard floor surface could be laminated and are often a warranty against wearing, fading and staining. Laminate floors also come with the advantage of easy cleaning and mopping. All of these have made laminate flooring a very popular practice.

There are various ways in which the shine and cleanliness of laminate flooring could be maintained. It is quite convenient to use vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt. However to ensure complete removal of germs and infecting agents, laminate floor mops are widely used in several premises. These mops come in the form of damp clothes that can soak up cleaning solvents and wipe the floor completely free of bacteria. However, since dust comes off easily, it is important that adequate amount of water is used to de-saturate the mop before it is wiped for the second time. One should never use steel wool or scouring powers or any abrasive cleaning agents on laminated surfaces as it inevitably will lead to scratching. Alternatively wax polish could be a good idea.

Though it is easy to wipe of stains from laminated surfaces, one should be put down to the task immediately. There are various types of laminate floor cleaning products available that will wipe off stains completely to the bacterial levels. Many a time people have used natural cleaners like nail polish removers and turpentine oil to remove relatively hard stains like paints and permanent markers. If the stain has resulted from juice or beer spills, it is advisable to use the neutral cleaner in combination with luke warm water. Stubborn cases like that are chewing gums should first be hardened by using ice and then gently removed using special laminate floor mops. The spot would further require some special treatment to make it as good as new.

Laminate floors though look beautiful come with the disadvantages of easy scratches and being slippery. Ideally area rugs are used with laminate flooring such that any accidental slips could be avoided. It should also be ensured that the floor is wiped dry after a cleaning work to avoid such accidents. Touching up scratches in laminate surfaces is easy but why takes the trouble when you have the options to prevent it in the first place?

If you already have a laminate flooring in place or planning to have one for your premise, you should also complement the store with adequate laminate floor cleaning products. These products are relatively inexpensive and available in a wide number of varieties. Talk to your nearest dealer or log on to platforms such as Vileda for complete information on the easy options available for you. The investment of special laminate floor cleaning products will be worth it and there is no alternative of cleaning to stay healthy.

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