Maintain those wooden floors better

  • Increasing craze for wooden floors

Wooden floors have a very rich and unmatched appearance. Due to its high durability, there are many commercial spaces and households resorting to wooden flooring. Their appeal lasts for a lifetime provided it is taken care of. There is considerable amount of effort that goes into maintaining wooden floors unlike other kinds of flooring like marble or tiles where a simple wipe would do. There are numerous ways of cleaning wooden floors. Wooden flooring is an expensive affair as such it should be maintained in a proper manner for life to ensure its appeal doesn’t fade away.

  • Natural or chemical way

The two common natural wood floor cleaning products include baking soda and vinegar. However these two products have the ability to tarnish the wooden floors. There are numerous simple and natural ways to maintain your wooden floors. They are cost effective and efficient. On the other hand there are numerous wood cleaning products such as advanced cleaning sprays, wipes, wood floor finish, buff wax and others. Selecting a natural or an artificial cleaning solution for your floors is very subjective. There are numerous manufacturers of these cleaning products today. Each one of them claiming to be better than the other, their products are lately being brought about with inclusion of natural ingredients.

  • Why natural products are better

Natural cleaners are preferred by many as it is considered safe for pets and children. Many families are particular about their pets and kids being exposed to any kind of chemical at home. Considering the pets and children are most often on the floor, ensuring no kind of harm to them in any form is important. Sometimes the chemical wood floor cleaning products have strong odors and maybe harmful for the skin. Using non-toxic wood cleaning products is essential not only to preserve its glamor but also for the health and wellbeing of the housemates.

  • Little to we know about wood and water

Something to bear in mind about wood and water is that water should not be left on the wooden floor for a long period of time. Water left on wood even for a small period of time can leave a mark; this is the main reason why coasters are used abundantly under cold drinks. Steam mops and steam cleaners can help absorb all the excess water. Ensure your wooden floor has minimal contact with water to retain its long lasting appearance.

  • Search online

There are way too many cleaning products for your floor. Whether you are looking for natural solutions or otherwise, the internet has the solution for all your problems. Get accustomed to the latest innovations brought about by companies by keeping a tab on them online. There are numerous companies coming up today with promising cleaning solutions, little bit of research will help you understand your needs and subsequently the right cleaners. Vinegar and baking soda are not the right choices for hardwood as they are slightly corrosive and when used together it is a very messy cleaning agent.

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