A guide to car insurance

There is a lot of awareness about the car insurancethese days. However if you still don’t have a car insurance and are planning to buy your first policy, all you need is an internet connection. It would help you in doing the research related to this topic and you can also buy you policy over the internet.

There are six basis points which are generally covered in a car insurance policy. These points are body insurance liability, property damage, collision, medical payments or protection from any kind of personal injury and uninsured motorist coverage. In most of the countries there are some policies related to the coverage which need to be mandatorily present in the insurance policy. So make sure that before you buy any policy you keep a check on this and act accordingly.

The premium of the car insurance that is levied on the consumers depends upon certain factors. These factors are termed as the basis points. These days the premiums are fixed by the insurance companies themselves. Every website has their calculators and terms and conditions on the basis of which they fix the premiums. The common decisive factors for the premium include the profile of the car driver or the drivers. It includes his age, gender, as well as his driving history. Another point is something which depends upon the make, model and the year of manufacturing and buying of the car. Apart from this there are certain insurance related terms like deductibles, coverage as well which play an important role in deciding the premium.

There are a lot of chances as well when the car insurancecompanies have been cheated by claiming coverage for false or fake accidents. Just in order to avoid all this these days the companies have become very strict in the claim settlement. And it also involves a lot of steps. You need to apply for the claim and then a proper inquiry is done. The claim is settled only if the inquiry gives out a positive report and proves your claim as genuine.

There are a lot of cases when you cannot get your claim settled even if you have a car insurancepolicy. For example if in case you are drunk and then you drive and meet an accident, your claim would not be settled. Similarly if you are found driving a car without a valid license then too you cannot apply for a claim. The third case may be when your policy has lapsed or you are irregular in paying the premiums of the policy that you have bought. All these points put a negative impact on your profile and can be damaging for you.

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