Is Your City Bike Friendly?

A physical activity like biking can be more than that thing we do. You know, the one activity we do when we’ve grown tired of that old and tattered couch. Exercise is something we do for ourselves whether it is out of passion or guilt.

Whatever the case, I believe there is something more to the gears, the wheels, and the chains. Biking with friends and family instills a sense of community, and in some ways our willingness to congregate and gather with one another allows us to collectively become something greater than ourselves.

So, whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or the weekend warrior, do you wonder if your community could be doing more to be bike friendly

Could Your Community Do More to be Bike Friendly


Do your stomping grounds have designated biking lanes and ample space to lock up your ride?
Are there clearly marked and monitored traffic zones, making bike travel safe?
Are there scenic trails or long boardwalks for recreational use?
Do you have ample bike parking racks in your downtown area?
Can you ride and park your bike safely, at your favorite coffee shop, library, or drug store?

If you’ve answered NO to any of the above, your city, town, or humble country whistle-stop could be doing more to improve biking conditions. I believe that a city benefits economically when it provides bike lanes, bike paths, bike trails and adequate bike parking.


Benefits of Cycling


According to the Environmental Protection Agency’, the average automobile will generate roughly 5,100 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. If you’re anything like me and can’t possibly quantify a metric ton, think about it this way…

A vehicle that gets 21 miles per gallon and travels a distance of 21,000 miles a year will emit nearly 9,000 grams of CO2 for every gallon of gasoline. Are you still with me? Now, would you believe that there are one million grams of CO2 for every metric ton?

To annually remove 5,100 metric tons of CO2 would be equivalent to removing 1,000 vehicles from the road.


Bike Friendly Cities in US


The ten most bike friendly cities in the United States include:

San Francisco


Long beach







Washington DC

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