Army Tanks

For many years, humanity has looked for new ways that we could combine our engineering genius with improved combat capabilities. It may be horrible, but wars are always going to happen – and therefore it’s important to have the best equipment in your corner possible. The military tank has been one of the stalwarts of the army for many years, offering support from long-range and protection for lesser armored troops.

Although today most of our wars are fought with things like drones and airships, in the Second World War and the like, the tank was the epitome of what we had. The tank was first seen during the First World War, but it was not until the Second World War that the potential of the tank had been fully developed. From the metal carriers of the First to the destruction machines of the Second, the tank has played a huge part in the strengthening of militaries of years.

All tanks have three identical characteristics – the can move, they can fire, and they take a lot of hits to bring down. As the years have gone by, a balance has been made between the three rather than the extremely quick but weak tanks of the early days, or the cumbersome war machines that made perfect ambush traps.

Whether the tanks used modular, composite or explosive reactive armor has come down to the temperament the war is fought on, and also depends on the quality of anti-tank weaponry in the opposition forces.

While the tank has developed on the outside, it has gone through a metamorphosis within, too. The tank crew used to be extremely easily to take out, rendering the tank useless, but the Israeli Merkava battle tank has the cockpit at the front of the tank. Because most tanks are hit at the back – due to the lack of armor on most models here – this created an extra layer of protection for the crew inside. This innovation has been taken on and used in many other tanks.

As tanks became more agile and were able to cross more difficult terrains with ease as technology advanced, the firepower has obviously increased alongside. Tanks have always had a reputation for moving up in the gears in every possible way, and in the 21st Century we have produced some truly breathtaking battle weapons.

While the tank has long been written off as a relic of the past, it still stands as the first port of call for any type of skirmish or battle taking place worldwide. Say what you like about drones and such, there is nothing quite as intimidating as the rolling thunder of a military tank!

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