A Brief Digest on Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands

When it is about your wedding, you simply can’t settle for anything less than a diamond band for your groom. Well, lines of diamond wedding bands are available in the jeweler’s shop to select from. Depending on the piece of diamond and the metal used the cost of the bands vary. When selecting a diamond wedding band for your beloved consider a few factors such as, its cut, clarity, carat, cost and also its certification offered by the shop or the manufacturer from where the jewelry has been bought. Though, diamonds are referred to as women’s best friend, it can be the same for the men too. Your man would definitely appreciate receiving such a lovely gift from you on the wedding day.

Solitaires are one of the most valuable stones generally used in the wedding rings. However, these types of diamond wedding bands are created by using at 14 or 18 carat yellow or white gold, on gold, silver or platinum. Different shapes like oval, heart, emerald, marquise, round, multi cut, radiant, princess, pear, and trillion can be developed. When it comes to measuring a diamond, it is done in terms of carat. A fifth of a gram is equivalent to one carat. Each carat is generally divided into a hundred points.

A diamond wedding band with a larger diamond studded in it is more valuable than the small, not only because of its weight but its rareness in nature. Plus, the cost each carat increases when the diamond gets bigger. The excellence of a diamond is generally decided by the means it has been cut.

The amount of light that is refracted or reflected in a diamond is determined by the exactness of the cut in symmetry. However, the final polish displays the actual beauty of the diamond. Even though, diamonds generally are white in color, subtle differences can still be made out. Rather than a bold color difference they mostly have different tints and hues. The whiter the diamond is the costlier would be the wedding band.

Since diamonds are flexible enough to be placed onto any metal as well as design. They offer a brilliant setting for the diamond setting bands. Well, when purchasing a wedding ring for your groom, you should consider looking at something, which is hard enough and can be worn on a regular basis because in case of men’s ring, the diamonds are likely to get exposed to varied metal surfaces like steel handles or steel door handles that can cause damage to the diamond. Therefore, see that the stone is well secured in the setting and inspect the prongs regularly.

Make sure that a certificate is provided when you purchase any one of the men’s diamond wedding bands. This certificate is given to provide an authenticity of the diamond you have purchased. It is ensured by an independent testing laboratory, thereby giving detailed information about the four Cs of a diamond. Ensure that a diamond certificate is provided at the time of buying the diamond. See that you have checked the numerical ID of the diamond wedding band, which identifies that the product is related to the certificate.

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