Main Hazards in Construction Industry

Construction industry is one of the most money fetching and lucrative industries. But this industry is risky when it comes to accidents that happen during the construction. Some industries are less risky and some are comparatively much risky. Accidents on the construction site burden the construction owner with extra expenses plus the stress that he is forced to undergo. Human life is precious so the need of the hour is to look for the areas that are hazardous and alleviate the risk if any. Some reasons of accidents are workers; fall from some height and injure them self, they get caught between objects, they get struck by some object and the worst case is that electrocution might happen. All these incidents are unfortunate. Now we need to introspect about the various reasons of such accidents and ways to mitigate them.

One basic reason is the lack of proper communication. While work on big units is going on laborers from different cities or towns are hired who do not have a common language. They do communicate but the communication remains ineffective. This ineffective communication sometimes results in incorrect communication and results in accidents. This factor needs a check and workers who can communicate effectively should be involved to reduce the risk.

Some other factors are that while employing a laborer skill set is not checked properly. If workers are not trained in doing the type of job they are supposed to do they are definitely going to commit some mistakes and face accidents. A thorough investigation of the skills as possessed by the worker needs to be carried out. It can prove helpful in reducing the various accidents that happen on a construction site.

There are other reasons of accidents like exposure to leakage of some poisonous or harmful material can prove risky for the workers. Poisonous substance should not be kept in the construction site. If due to some reasons it is required to be kept there than adequate preventive measures need to be kept available there.

Considering all the facts and figures we can say that while hiring the workers the recruiters should consider the language factor; they should look for people who have a good understanding between them. This can prove one of the remedies. Other important thing that needs to be taken care is that the workers should either be having a good knowledge of the work that they have to do or they should be possessing good mental strength to cope up with the demands as are presented by the work. Employers should take care that the place of construction is free from any such element which can be poisonous or harmful for the workers. Recruiters of construction companies should consider the old saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. The inference is that if recruiter while recruiting takes various factors into consideration which are important to be taken care of while working on a construction site and recruit accordingly; the number of accidents will get reduced. This act will result in saving human life as well as the extra expenses that the construction company owner has to bear.

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