New Community Initiative Brings the State Out of the Dark Ages By Providing Affordable Solar Panels in Idaho

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) January 06, 2014

IWS has once again demonstrated their openness and encouragement of community spirit with their positively received community initiative. This initiative, developed by the highly skilled team at IWS, extends bulk purchasing power at the community level. By offering ideal pricing and discounts on solar panels in Idaho, IWS fosters the intricate community environment and ideals while simultaneously lowering energy costs substantially and leaving the world a cleaner place than they found it. By making the switch to alternative power through the hands of IWSs highly trained and fully certified solar panel installers in Boise, clients from every stage of life seize the opportunity to get off the electric grid and rid themselves of the unstable and constantly fluctuating costs that usually accompany it.

Solar power is a very unique and special energy source in the sense that it harnesses a power that has omnipotent energy and is a constant presence here on earth- the sun itself. In years past, it has been rather out of reach due to its high costs and lack of installation professionals. IWS has kept in stride with its quick development, updating their materials as alternative power becomes more accessible. After reaching out to individuals on both the residential and commercial levels, IWS decided to offer their products, specifically their solar panels and the services of their solar panel installers in Boise, to communities while giving them a bulk rate. In doing so, IWS has greatly improved the quality of power already enjoyed in places like Utah and Wyoming. They offer pristine and professional workshops as a part of this one of a kind community initiative as well, since educating the community on their energy choices and consumption is a vital process that must be communicated effectively.

IWS is a company that adamantly believes no community or individual should be left in the dark. By offering their community solar incentive, they extend to countless people the ability to make the transition to truly reliable and greener energy, a change that will not only make the world a cleaner and more efficient place but also significantly save them energy costs. For more information about the community initiative, visit their website at

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