Halkidiki Property: A Concise Investment Guide for First-time Buyers and Sellers

Greece is consisted of 74 regional units of which Chalkidiki or Halkidiki is one major administrative region. Real property sales in this region of Greece have increased by leaps and bounds in recent times. Land and property prices have also significantly increased in keeping pace with the rising demand for plots with scenic surroundings. Government of Greece is taking appropriate steps to welcome the real estate market growth as many analysts are seeing huge prospects of the industry in different parts of the country, especially in Chalkidiki, which is a peninsula. This is the probably the best time within past 10 years to invest in Halkidiki villa, resorts, apartments etc. Buying or selling real properties in Chalkidiki is a lucrative opportunity now. However, for first-time investors, the buying or selling process might be too complicated to understand. For enthusiasts, here below is a short and snappy Chalkidiki real property trading guide.


Visit a real estate listing first


Before you decide on visiting some real properties in Halkidiki and in surrounding regions, you should look for a property listing handbook or website. You can find ready-for-possession houses, picturesque sea-facing villas and service apartments all in a single place by buying a reference book or by visiting an online directory. There are some directory sites that display fixed-priced properties in this Balkan Peninsula. These sites provide crucial information about the properties such as land size, number of rooms, type of property etc. More importantly, you can find actual images of completed projects on these websites also demonstrate 3D architectural renderings of the properties for sale. You can see the interiors of the completed and furnished properties on these websites. Once you have shortlisted the properties that are priced within your budget and look appealing to your eyes, you can plan your itinerary and visit Greece. Alternatively, you can contact the buyers/sellers by obtaining the required details from a website of this type.


Understand the purchasing procedure


Whether you want to buy or sell a Halkidiki villa or land or an apartment, you need to know how properties are sold and purchased in Greece and you should have a clear understanding of the pertinent regulations too. This is because there are counterfeit agents and brokerage firms everywhere that may try to lure you into buying abnormally priced properties. If you have a solid understanding of the property market in Greece and know the regulations, buying or selling a villa and apartment should be easier for you and you can make independent decisions too.


Note that 9-19% tax may be applicable on the basic purchase price (the tax amount/percentage varies on the type of property you are buying). Apart from that, you have to pay legal and notary fees for buying/selling a real estate (usually 2%-3% of the basic price). If you are buying a property, you may have to pay a certain amount as advance payment. All real estate transactions are carried out before legal functionaries and you should appoint a lawyer to avoid confusion.


Do your own research on the web to find the best Halkidiki property.

Are you interested in buying or selling a Halkidiki villa or any other type of real property? Visit the largest Halkidiki real estate listing on the web to find the best property. If you are looking to sell a property, you can find prospective customers from around the site by enlisting your property.

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