True Stories on Cyberbullying that you Must Read

Cyberbullying refers to an act when a preteen, teen or a child is threatened or abused, humiliated or harassed to the point that she/he feels mentally disturbed and even thinks of committing suicide. Usually in cyberbullying a minor targets another minor. When adults get involved, the whole act becomes cyber harassment or cyberstalking. If you look online you can come across plenty of posts such as true stories on cyberbullying that will help you know about the different forms of cyberbullying and the ways to deal with the bullies. According to reports the cases of children and teens taking to drugs and committing suicide are on the rise with increase in incidences like bullying and cyberbullying.

True_Stories_on_Cyberbullying_070120140524Let us here explore why people cyberbully:

Several reasons are said to be responsible that drives one to cyberbully another. Teens are often motivated by anger, revenge and frustration. The teenagers, at times cyberbully out of boredom. In the whole process of exploring the technological advancements, they end up misusing the gadgets.

Again, many do it just for fun to see the other person’s reaction. Some do it by accidents, where they end up sending the wrong message or mail to the wrong person. Again, some satisfies their ego by tormenting others. This is common among teenagers who have a big ego.

How Cyberbullying Affects:

Because of the tender age, cyberbullying has profound effects on a child. One of the side effects includes lack of safety for the child. Additionally, cyberbullying also puts a child under serious depression that may even provoke him to commit suicide. Bullying also results in poor self esteem. This stems out of humiliation that your child faces in course of being bullied.

Ways to Prevent Cyberbullying:

Children are easy targets for being bullied. However, there are certain measures that can be taken to ensure your children are protected from the hands of the bullies. Here we shall discuss some of the ways you can protect your child:

Educating your child is one of the most effective ways to let your child know about the consequences of cyberbullying. You can also take up some initiatives personally to prevent bullying. Some of the personal actions that you can take are: ensuring computer that your child uses is in a public area and you can supervise constantly when your kids go online.

You can advise your kids on measures they can take to protect their identity online. You must educate your child about the consequences of posting personal information and how important it is to avoid real names while using social media platforms like Facebook.

Cyberbullying is a serious offense and can have a huge impact on your child. In case you notice your child is suffering from depression or you witness the bullying incident, you must immediately get in touch with a health expert. You can also look into the true stories on cyberbullying online that will help you to better deal with the bullies.

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