Diamond Wedding Bands: How to Find the Best Jewelry for Your Bride-to-Be

She has already replied to your marriage proposal in affirmative. The stage has been prepared, everything has been arranged and invitations have been sent. Now what? Well, if you have not bought the wedding ring for your bride-to-be, this is going to be the toughest part of the wedding planning and prearrangement job. Buying diamond wedding bands can be a trying experience, as most of these bands are made with gold. There are only a few retailers that offer diamond-studded wedding rings and finding these manufacturers and retailers is necessary. That said, choosing one product from the plethora of diamond wedding rings that these retailers is another challenge you may have to face in the process of buying. However, choosing a diamond or a jewelry piece that features this precious gemstone can be an easy-to-do job if you have some idea about how diamonds are graded or about the basic characteristics of diamonds that make one product different from another. Here below is a short guide for buying the most elegant diamond wedding band.


Consider the clarity

Taking in account the clarity of the gemstone is the first thing you should do. You need a jeweler’s loupe to see if the gemstone has any flaws. Truly flawless diamonds are hard to find and it is highly unlikely that you can find an immaculate design in stores. The flaws are not manmade and can be considered as the basic attributes of the diamond. If the flaw is not detectable by naked eyes, you can choose a diamond. However, if the imperfections are too obvious, you have reasons to fret over.


Closely inspect the cut

This design attribute of diamond wedding bands is highly dependent on the craftsmanship of the jeweler and his aesthetic concepts. The ideally ‘cut’ diamond can trap light and reflect it in multiple directions. If the diamond is not cut properly, it will lack the splendor you are looking for. If you are buying the wedding ring with an intention to gift your bride-to-be with a pleasant memory she can hold dear to her heart forever, then you should not just think about the price. Instead, choose a design that produces the desired ‘sparkle’.


How white is the diamond?


The third to take in consideration is the color of the diamond. There are many manufacturers who will offer you pink or yellow diamonds at cheaper prices. However, the most expensive and rarest diamonds are whiter (i.e. more colorless). Truly colorless diamonds are astronomically priced. However, you should look for near variants and reputable stores will not disappoint you in this regard.


How weighty is the diamond?


While buying a diamond wedding band, do not forget to double-check the weight of the gemstone. Diamond weight measurement unit, as you might know, is carat and one carat equates to 200 milligrams. Diamond price is largely determined on its weight.


For finding the best diamond wedding bands, it is important to find a reliable jewelry store. There are stores that sell GIA (Gemological Institute of America) approved jewelry items.

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