Unique Diamond Fancy Ring: Where Do Diamonds Get Their Uniqueness from?

Fancy-colored diamond rings have become a favorite of the rich and the famous. These engagement rings have increased in popularity in recent times and have outflanked their whiter cousins. A unique diamond fancy ring is more uncommon than the traditional white diamond and the higher price tags of these products reflect this fact. If you have plans to pleasantly surprise your fiancée, buying a wedding ring that is studded with multicolored diamonds, it is certainly a good idea. However, you should conduct extensive market research and look for genuine diamonds only. Diamond price is determined by several factors such as the purity of the gemstone, clarity and intensity and the actual color of the same. Colored diamonds share all the adorable features with the white diamonds and are considered ideal for engagement ring or wedding ring settings. How do diamonds get the colors? How to choose from unique diamond fancy rings? Read on to find more on this.


Multicolored brilliance – Tracing the uniqueness


Fancy colored diamonds are available in different colors and choices are not confined within the very basic ones, such as yellow, pink and black. You can also find green, red, purple, orange, grey, violet, and blue colored diamonds and different shades of the above-mentioned colors as well. Different shades of brown are also very popular now and are usually referred as cognacs and champagnes.


The rarest of colored diamonds are the red ones, closely followed by green. Pink-colored diamonds are usually more expensive than the yellow ones. Orange, green and blue diamonds are even more expensive. Brown diamonds are less expensive than the ‘white’ or colorless diamonds and can be a great choice if you are on a shoestring budget.


Tracing the origin of colors


Natural colored diamonds achieve their colors in many different ways. The green diamonds get their natural color due to long exposure to radiation under the crustal plate of the earth. Natural orange gemstones get the shade from carbon and nitrogen. Blue-colored diamonds get the blue color from boron, which is a primary constituent of this type of diamond.  Brown and pink diamonds are usually found in the Argyle mines in Australia whereas a large percentage of colored diamonds are found in the mines of Brazil, Venezuela and South Africa.


Understanding the price and grading system


Notwithstanding the color of a unique diamond fancy ring, the grading system remains the same as it is for the white diamonds. Usually, colored diamonds are categorized in E Grade to Z Grade and anywhere in between. The more intense the color of the diamond is, the higher it is placed in the grading system. Accordingly, the prices of the diamonds vary. Fancy deep and fancy vivid diamonds can be found E category and are priced higher than other diamonds (except white).


Colored diamonds – Sport it like Mariah Carey

Not only Mariah Carey, but a number of Hollywood celebs such as Heidi Klum and Carmen Electra love to wear jewelry items studded with colored diamonds. If you want to see your fiancée with a colored diamond fancy ring adoring her soft fingers, you can just go online and find a store where you can find the unique diamond fancy rings in great number and variety.

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