Best Option for Water Birth in Fort Worth

Water birth refers to the process of giving birth in a pool or tub of warm water. It is not only considered safe, but also one of the healthiest ways to give birth to a child. The method of child water birth was first opted in the United States. It is believed that since the baby was in the amniotic sac for the last 9 months, birthing in the same environment will be a healthy option for the baby and less stressful for the mother. Here we shall discuss all about water birth Fort Worth.

Water is always comforting, soothing and relaxing. Many love to have labor in water and then move out of water for delivery. Again, some prefer deliveries in water as well. There are plenty of benefits of water birth which are as follows:

Water_Birth_Fort_Worth_080120140136•    Body weight of the women reduces that ensures free movement and positioning.

•    Water immersion reduces high blood pressure.

•    Warm water relaxes the perineum elastic that reduces the chances of tearing the need of episiotomy and stitches.

•    The mother relaxes both physically and mentally while in water and this helps her concentrate on the birth procedure.

•    Buoyancy helps mother experience better blood circulation and efficient uterine contractions that eventually improves oxygenation of uterine muscles. This ensures the mother experience less pain and the baby gets more oxygen.

•    There are no major risks involved in water birth, but there remains small chances of the baby getting raised to the surface and then getting re immersed. The midwives take necessary actions once the baby is born. He is placed directly on the women’s breast for feeding and not re-immersed in water again.

In some cases natural birth is not possible. Some of these conditions are as follows:

•    Multiple Births: When it comes to the multiple births doctors generally recommend caesarean birth for multiple pregnancies.

•    Maternal Infection- In case of maternal infection the chances of natural birth gets reduced.

•    Premature Baby: If a premature baby is expected, doctors generally do not suggest natural birth.

•    Excessive Bleeding: In case of excessive bleeding doctors do not recommend the natural method of child birth.

•    If there is too much of meconium found on the surface of the water in a tub, a natural delivery is not preferred. Meconuim washes face off the baby and may come out of the mouth or nose of the baby when it is still under water. In case the water is stained and the baby is about to come out, the woman can lift her pelvis out from water to give birth to the baby.

Thus, labor in water is very effective but you need to seek advice of the medical practitioners to know the most suitable method of giving birth to your baby. For more information on water birth you can Google online and make a better choice.

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