Traditional Italian Food and Wine

From pizza to pasta or lasagna, traditional Italian food is known worldwide for its delicious and rich recipes. However, the best Italian dishes can only be prepared with authentic ingredients. Imagine cooking some Pasta Bolognese without a high-quality homemade sauce prepared with the finest tomatoes from Italy. Or how would the Pesto sauce taste if it is not an authentic Pesto Siciliano? But there is one more secret that you need to know. All these incredible meals would be nothing without some delicious Italian red wine. Luckily, there is a wide selection of refined wines made in the country of good food and everlasting love.


If you are a genuine food connoisseur, then you must probably know and love traditional Italian food. This Mediterranean country is known for its delicious dishes that are unique in the world. Many chefs have tried to copy the original recipes of worldwide dishes, such as pizza, pasta or lasagna, but everyone can confirm the following truth: you will never eat better Italian food than the one that is cooked in Italy. Why? The answer is simple: the best food can only be cooked with high-quality ingredients. Italians have a true tradition of collecting the finest vegetables and cooking the most delicious sauces. You will never find anything as good as an authentic Bolognese sauce cooked right in the heart of Italy.


Every part of Italy has specific meals. As Pasta Bolognese is specific from Bologna, there are many other recipes of pasta or spaghetti that are cooked according to well-kept recipes. For example, the Pesto sauce is specific from Genoa, in the North of Italy. But you can find another delicious type of Pesto in Sicily. Pesto Siciliano might be the perfect choice for a great dinner with your family. Just remember to find the best pasta for your sauce. Did you know that in Italy there are more than 150 different types of pasta noodles? You can make countless recipes if you know how to match them with the perfect sauce.


Every dinner should be accompanied by a delicious Italian red wine if you want to make it perfect. Italy is one of the oldest producers of wine in Europe, after all. They have the best secrets to prepare wine and that is what brought them to the top of wine producers worldwide. There are plenty of choices when it comes to Italian red wines. Each of them has a specific aroma and character, according to the region where they come from. Whether you want to have a glass of top quality wine or you want to add a valuable bottle of red wine to your collection, Italian wines make the perfect choice for every occasion!

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