Italian Wine and Cuisine

Traditional Italian food is famous for its diversity and uniqueness. Italian people value the quality of their products more than anything in the world and they have a strong tradition of producing oil, vegetables, cheese and other great ingredients. Italian wine is another valuable product that comes from this incredible country and it is appreciated worldwide.


Italy is one of the few European countries that have kept their traditions alive. From the diverse methods of preparing delicious sauces for pasta to the unique taste of their finest cheeses, traditional Italian food has remained unequalled in the entire world. Mediterranean cuisine is more often associated with Italian food than with any other national cuisine from the area. Even though France is at high competition with Italy when it comes to food, it seems that the quality and the richness of the Italian dishes have won the hearts of many people in this world.


However, Italian cuisine cannot be called a national cuisine. There are many regional differences in the tradition of cooking in Italy reflected by the historical challenges of this territory. Italy has only been unified and created as a country in 1861, but people still preserve their unique dishes and cooking methods. This is a proof of the fact that cooking is indeed a tradition in this country and it is transmitted from one generation to another. Whether they come from Bologna, Sicily or Naples, Italian people seem to be born with the ability of cooking. Every family has a unique way to cook the same dish and that results into a wide variety of foods. One recipe of spaghetti can become completely different if you try it in the next city.


In spite of the various recipes, traditional Italian food has one thing that remains the same in all of them: the quality of the ingredients. For Italian people, virgin olive oil is not just oil and the tomato sauce is a real tradition. Pasta noodles are so diverse that they can easily get you confused. How many times did you choose the spaghetti just because you didn’t know what bucatini or capellini were? Nevertheless, any Italian will know the tiniest differences between these ingredients even though there are over 150 types of pasta.


But Italy has one more weakness besides food. Italian people have some of the finest wines in the world and just like in cooking their traditions of preparing wine have been well-preserved throughout the passing of time. That is the reason why Italian wine is exported everywhere in the world and Italy produces one third of the total amount of wine produced in the entire world. If you don’t have any idea of what to cook next, a glass of fine wine and a delicious recipe of pasta can make the perfect Sunday dinner with your friends.

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