Outsourcing hosted email services makes business sense

Everyone requires email services. In the personal messaging domain Facebook may have largely eaten into the email share but in the professional messaging domain emails still rule and will continue to rule for some time to come. While larger companies can invest in expensive email hosting services smaller companies may find it difficult to spend so much of money. But affordable hosted email services are possible. And if someone also opts for remote hosted desktop services the email services, along with other services can be acquired for very attractive prices.


Typically for every email service there is a host service through which the emails are sent and received. Microsoft Exchange is the most well known such hosting service. There are also the ad-supported free email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook that one can use. However, when someone uses Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook usually the domain name is that of these providers. For a professional organization this doesn’t augur well. Hence, dedicated hosted email with customized domain name has to be purchased. For example, for an organization XYZ Inc. an email ID with the domain @xyz.com looks any day better than xyz@gmail.com.


With customized hosted email services there is the advantage of the users being able to access their email from anywhere. The email can be configured on multiple devices like mobile phones and laptops so that no one misses an email. As for the server there is the option of installing the email server in the office premises. But this an expensive proposition and cumbersome too for upkeep and maintenance. An email service provider will have their own email server somewhere and all the emails would be routed through that server. This means more cost saving for the organization.


However, further cost can be saved when an organization also opts for remote hosted desktop services. This service is not exactly new but it is not very old too. The concept is simple – the server is stationed in a remote data centre that is managed by the service provider. Any employee of the organization can connect to the server but they cannot save any data on their hard drive. This means that their machines work more efficiently and there is no fear of business data being compromised.


With remote hosted desktop services organizations can cut down on their IT infrastructure and hardware costs. Employees can be urged to work from home and this would also mean money saved on office space. And along with these savings energy cost can also be saved.


This service is highly mobile and scalable. Any addition or deletion of services can be managed effortlessly. Any user can be added or removed easily. And most importantly the IT administrator has total control over the server and all the data that is stored in it.


Remote hosted desktop and hosted email services are for the present and the future. Invest wisely in these services and your organization will benefit. And all the money saved will go into profits.

Outsource remote hosted desktop and hosted email services for complete peace of mind.

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