Portable Restrooms for Fundraising Events

If you are having a fundraiser, the more the merrier, right? The whole purpose is to draw in a crowd to help support your cause. So if you are a church, school, or other not-for profit organization, there are many ways to hold a successful fundraiser.

Like most events, hosting fundraisers outdoors offers you the freedom to have many participants. This is why summer fundraisers are so popular. Outdoor fundraisers make it easy to serve finger foods, which are much more affordable than a sit-down menu. Being outdoors, you want your guests to be well hydrated, so keeping plenty of drinks is necessary. With that, having portable restrooms should be a key accommodation on your to do list.

Easy Planning to Help save You Time

Having portable restrooms at your event saves you time. Don’s Johns make it easy because we help you plan how many restrooms you should have. Just let us know how many participants you are expecting and we will take care of the rest. You don’t need to worry about staffing helping with setup, take-down, or even keeping the portable restrooms clean and stocked, as our valet services are available to handle it all.

Helping to save You Money

You’re also able to save and make more money with portable restrooms on site at your event. Your guests will appreciate having them near and won’t feel as though they have to cut their drink minimum or go home early. Having Quad Wash Stations on site keeps clean hands and guests eating. Guests understand they are at a fundraiser and you need to raise money, so they are willing to pay for bottled water and other drinks you serve. Having portable restrooms means you won’t have to disturb or pay nearby vendors for the use of their restrooms.

These Are Not Your Typical Portable Restrooms

Don’s Johns have portable restrooms to fit your taste. A basic fundraiser can have a more affordable, yet comfortable restroom trailer such as the DJ3000 Restroom Trailer. There are ample mirrors, lighting, and well-stocked paper towel and toilet tissue. It’s a climate-controlled environment as well.

For more upscale fundraising events, upgrade to the DJ5000LX Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer, which features granite counters, marbleized walls, and hardwood designed flooring. This is a comfortable environment to rest in and has three flat screen televisions to continue viewing the event outdoors. This is so luxurious, it will slip your guests’ minds that it’s a portable restroom.

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