Top 3 Crazy Weight Loss Fad Diets of All Time with Green energy drinks

Have you ever succumbed to trying a weight loss fad diet? It happens to the best of us! While we all know that weight loss should happen through healthy diet and exercise, sometimes it’s tempting to try a shortcut. Check out these top 3 crazy weight loss fad diets of all time.

1) The HCG Diet
Back in the 50s, a British physician by the name of Dr. Simeons recommended that eating a 500-calorie-a-day diet and getting daily shots of a hormone called HCG (human choriogonadotropin) would promote weight loss. This hormone is used as a fertility treatment in women but there is absolutely no evidence linking it to weight loss among average people. And while these hormone shots are FDA approved as a fertility drug, they can be dangerous and can cause blood clots, depression, and headaches. The 500-calorie-a-day diet constriction is the only part of this crazy fad diet that results in weight loss. Starvation is never a good way to lose weight so please don’t try this at home!

TIP: Eat 3-4 smaller meals throughout the day rather than injecting yourself with hormones! This will help keep your tummy full all day so you won’t overeat come meal time. Also, up your veggie intake and consider using Green supplements to ensure you’re getting enough greens in your day.

2) The Tapeworm Diet
Eat a live parasite that will live in your body and eat the food out of your stomach. Oh” and it could possibly kill you. But you’ll lose weight! Sounds great, right? WRONG. Hopefully no one has ever considered this diet as a reality. Thankfully, the US has banned the purchase and transportation of this parasitic worm, however there are a few rogue internet sites out there teaching people how to become infected with the worms.

TIP: Instead of ingesting parasites to lose weight, try alkalizing and energizing your body with a healthy Green drink each day. Make a green smoothie every morning with fresh produce and add a scoop of All Day Energy Greens to boost the nutritional content. You’ll be amazed at the results in just a few weeks.

3) Beer and Ice Cream Diet
Junk food junkies rejoice! If this diet actually worked, you could eat ice cream and drink beer all day and lose weight. Sounds awesome, right?! The theory behind this diet is simple: it takes energy for your body to warm up these cold foods once they are in your stomach. That means that you must burn calories to heat the food before your body can naturally digest it. Naturally, there’s no way for us to get all the vitamins and minerals we need from beer and ice cream alone, so this diet doesn’t work in the end.

TIP: Eat a variety of healthy foods from all food groups with the majority of your diet consisting of plant-based foods. Supplement with Green energy drinks in the morning and afternoon to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of fruits and veggies each day.

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