Emergency Survival Kit for You

You may have supplies stocked in your home to face the emergencies. However, getting stranded in your car is more like being confined to your home for long. It thus becomes important for you to carry emergency survival kit. The gears that you need in the kit will help you stay warm, get back on the road, stay healthy and get yourself noticed by others on the road.

Generally your first concern when your car is stuck somewhere is to get it running and back on road. Here are list of supplies that will help you get going:

•    Spare Tire: While this is not considered an emergency supply, your spare tire is the most important thing that you will require especially when you have a flat tire.

•    Battery Charger: This will help you charge your battery before you reach home. You can get small battery chargers from stores that are meant for the emergencies.

•    Kitty Litter: This can be sprinkled on the snow and ice to help the wheels gain traction.

•    Power Cables/ Jumper Cables: You might not be stuck for long, if you have a helpful person to give you a jump. These come handy when you are stuck in the parking lot for long. You must be careful while accepting help from strangers while you are stranded on a deserted road.

•    Basic Auto Tool Set: Even if you are not much aware of cars, you may have someone around you to carry out the repair works.

Emergency_Survival_Kit_160120140449Stay Warm Safe and Healthy:

Depending on where you will drive or where you will leave will depend on the supplies you have added in your emergency survival kit. If it is the winter time, you will certainly not want to freeze to death and thus ensure you are carrying adequate supplies to keep yourself warm and in good health. Here is provided the basic list of supplies that you must have:

•    A Blanket: A blanket will keep you warm when you would want to lie down underneath your car. It will also come in handy if you have to walk long distance on foot.

•    Water: Gallons of plain drinking water is essential. You can also carry the water bottle or other portable way to carry the water you need.

•    Dried Food Stuffs: Granola bars, Protein, jerky and trail mix are some healthy options that are easy to carry.

•    First Aid Kit: A first aid kit is a must that should contain aspirin, antibiotic ointment, bandages, acetaminophen, sanitizing pads, ibuprofen, tweezers and a first aid guide.

•    Pepper Spray: It is a good idea to have some sorts of protection when you are stranded.

So, these are some of the must-haves when you are going for a long drive. When you have the emergency kit ready, you can enjoy your peace of mind that you are prepared to face the worse.

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