Fun Games for Preschoolers: Phoenix Preschool Activities

If you find yourself searching for things to do with your little one, take a little inspiration from Phoenix preschool classrooms. Check out these fun games for preschoolers.

Rainbow Week
This activity is meant to help your child learn their colors. Many preschools will do this activity with all kids to make it a fun group game. Essentially you want each day of the week to represent a different color. Encourage your child to wear the color of the day, then talk to him about the color. Ask him if he likes the color, and see if he can identify a few objects of that color. For example, on “Red” day, your little one might list a fire truck and cherries as popular red objects. Each day, spend an hour or so with your preschooler helping them to create a color collage using colored tissue paper, stickers, and a glue stick. At the end of the week, review each color with your kid and help them create a collage with all the colors of the rainbow to tie it all together.

Fish in the Bowl
This game is fun for phoenix preschool kids and also helps them with hand-eye coordination as well as counting numbers. Make a fish bowl on a piece of large white paper or fabric. Then hang the fabric on the wall. Next, make or buy little nemo fish and make sure they have a magnet or Velcro on the back so they stick to the fishbowl. You can either do this like pin-the-tail on the donkey where your child closes their eyes and tries to put the fish in the bowl. Or, you can just help her place a few of the fish in the bowl and then count with her to help practice numbers. To make it a real challenge, first have your child pin the fish in the bowl, then help her count how many actually made it into the bowl.

You can also suggest this game to the Phoenix kindergarten teacher as a great activity for all the kids to play together.

Animal House
This game is super fun for the adults too! Get your cameras ready because this activity is sure to produce some photo-friendly moments. All you need is a poster board, pictures of 6 animals, and a dice. Glue the animal pictures to the poster board and number them 1 through 6. Then, each person rolls the dice and has to act like the animal with that number!

Caterpillar Plate Game
First you will need a stack of paper plates. Make a head for the Caterpillar out of one paper plate. Then, write one letter of the alphabet on each plate. Set the head down and give the rest of the plates to the child. See if they can put them in order. You may need to start with just a few letters at first, so it is not too overwhelming. Also, you may have to ask,”what is the first letter?” “A” Good. Put that letter down, What is next? Start singing the alphabet with them each time until they get the hang of it.
At All Saints Episcopal Day School, a Phoenix kindergarten, children get to play all of these preschool activities while making new friends and learning important life skills.

Interactive and learning Phoenix preschool activities at helps kids to build their basic skills easily.

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