Tips on how to customise wheelchair vans

What is there to do when all the handicap vans available on the market are too expensive? What is there to do when the budget doesn’t allow further purchases? Well, it is simple: all you have to do is adjust the van you already have and the problem is solved. In order to transform vans into wheelchair vans it is required to make three adjustments: to raise the door and/or to raise the roof and to lower the floor. Of course, depending on the model and the existent budget, you can also add scooter lift or the wheelchair. All these modifications should be performed by an expert team of people and not on your own.


In the last years, the market of handicap vans has grown more and more in terms of manufacturing companies, customer’s demands and models available. According to the general tendency, people seem to give more value to the comfort and the convenience guaranteed by wheelchair vans. The only downside would be that the budget doesn’t always allow you to buy the perfect model.


In these conditions, the best solution is to modify the current van as to provide the same comfort normal handicap vans offer. For adjusting normal vans and transform their into wheelchair vans all you have to do is make some adjustments to the interior and modify other important elements of the structure. The good news is that the main structure allows further adjustments and additional weight.


Basically, a company specialised in modifying wheelchair vans will propose you three major modifications of a full size van model. So, you can lower the floor and the doors at the same time in order to create more space. On the other hand, many models of handicap vans have raised floor so you can add a couple of inches to the original floor, thus making it even more spacious.


Another great option that can be added is a wheelchair lift. Not all standard handicap vans have this special mechanism but the good news is that it can be added without any problems to the structure. This system doesn’t consume a lot of power and guarantees high comfort for any type of travel. As you can see, the modifications are not that complicated.


The only condition is to contract a specialised company. Years of practice and a deep knowledge of the market recommend such a service provider to cover all these issues. Not to mention that all these services are guaranteed. As for the prices, there is nothing to worry: this investment is worth every penny! After all, for a 100% comfortable ride no investment is too expensive!


The truth is that such modifications are the best solution when you want to enjoy a great ride without having to spend a lot of money on a new model of wheelchair van! And the good part is that it doesn’t take too much time either!

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