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The Orients World has always been full of mysteries and has intrigued people all across the globe. With Xplore Asia, things get even simpler as we bring you the best of packages from the Far East. Everything will be taken care of and you can look forward to a vacation full of memories. Talking about the Far East is not restricted to a few hundred miles of breathtaking and diverse lands but a vast swathe of the globe’s landmass with the most incredible landscapes, bewildering diversity, rich heritages and a reserve of cultural and historical wealth.

All across the land, there is an intoxicating aura of both ancient and the ultra-modern perfectly mingled to make you visit a worth. This will range from the exciting cosmopolitans of Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok to the breathtaking and sublime charm of the ruined temples, jungle waterfalls, palm beaches, blue skies and vibrant markets – whatever you would like to dig into. Every year, this continent attracts millions of visitors from different parts of the world and boasts of infrastructure that will make your stay comfortable and enriching. Asian hospitality has always remained unmatched and this is one of the prime reasons for the popularity of Asian holiday packages.

It certainly will take more than a lifetime to travel throughout the continent but there are important destinations that can give you a through glimpse of the lands. There are plenty of flights connecting Asian countries right from the beautiful Maldives Islands to the uber attractions of Hong Kong, from the peaceful scapes of Tibet to the rich and vibrant festivity in Goa. Deserts, mountains, waterfalls, islands, coral reefs, casinos, game parks, wildlife sanctuaries and much more finds its diversity in Asia and as a travel aficionado, you know better!

The Asian holiday packages take care of every aspect of your itinerary, right from your departure to your safe travel back home and filled with memories you can look back to and inspire others with. A banquet of wonderful accommodation, exotic cuisines, royal gardens, beautiful architecture, natural caves, and towering skyline, you have the best of both worlds. Asia has also turned itself into a hotspot for shopping and commerce.

If you are looking for a historic or cultural tour, we can book your travel to the mystic lands of Angkor Vat, take you to the Great Wall of China and show you the best of the Indian landscape. With tourism being one of the main components of economies in several destinations, Asian hospitality has evolved to meet the need of all. There are amazing luxury hotels to check into or alternatively you can ask for a customized pocket friendly holiday trip. Every vacationer already knows the opportunities in place. It is just that they need to make sure that everything is well taken care of and they could travel in the true spirits of a vacation. Enjoy till your heart’s content when you are in Asia and let us tag along! Be it a China holiday package you are looking for or a self made tour, we would be happy to help in any capacity.

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