Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

The Asian continent encompasses myriads of languages, religions, cultures and traditions and all of these works together to form an amazingly intoxicating destination for family travelers and honeymooners. Couples looking for exotic locales for escapade have several choices in the spell bounding mosaic called Asia. It is the largest continent with diverse diversity in beaches, majestic hill stations, exotic wildlife and dense forests. With more than 40 countries and comprising more than 12,383 miles of coastline, you may as well be flattered by the choices. Here are some of Asia’s best honeymoon destinations in terms of locale and infrastructure.

Bali, Indonesia

Nothing much to say if you already have been looking over the internet for the most exotic honeymoon destination, Bali is easily one of the most popular getaways. The tourist island provides various private beaches and scenic landscapes for you and your loved one to enjoy some of the most memorable first moments of your married life. There are plenty of beach villas ready to welcome you and warming up under the soothing sun. in between, if you are looking to break a midnight away for partying, Kuta beach seems to be the perfect location in the whole world. Otherwise, the green vibe, tranquil waves and soothing breeze will definitely make you fall in love over and over again.

The Thai islands

The Thai Islands are considered one of the most beautiful of Asia’s best Honeymoon destinations. With coastline on all sides, you can get completely lost in the romantic seascape and adjoining exotic forests. There are various small destinations scattered across the length of the island that provide amazing lodging facilities. For honeymooners, an amazing opportunity would be to get a taste of the exotic Thai massage, dancing away in Haad Rin and welcoming every sunrise with renewed vigor.

The Maldives

Nothing can beat the exotic tranquility of the Maldives coastline. The clean blue waters are an invitation to luxury and romance. The island hosts more than 60,000 guests very year, most of whom are couples looking for a memorable retreat. Floating bungalows and exotic beach resorts make this destination special and the hospitality will certainly make you stay forever. Wish you would had a beach house already?

Malaysian Borneo

Moving away from the beaches, Malaysian Borneo is certainly a paradise for nature lovers. This is also among the last two places in the world to see a orangutan in the wild. Nature apart, there are amazing tree houses and exotic forest resorts that invite honeymooners all the year round. It an amazing day spent exploring the crystal clear waterfalls, living on a rainforest trek and lying exhausted on secluded beaches. The locals are quite hospitable and one would certainly want to come back to this place.

While this certainly is not an exhaustive list, these are the best destinations in Asia for family vacationers and honeymooners.  Check out more Asian locations on Xplore Asia.

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