Exciting Rail Journeys Through Mongolia

Trans Siberian Rail journeys could be an experience of a lifetime and you sure are to get back home with exciting storied to tell and pictures to be shown. The Mongolian government has initiated this amazing train tourism right through the heart of the Siberian landscape and showcases the best in Middle East wilderness, village life, the amazing scapes and the native legacy that speaks out loud at every instance. The train ride runs through four important routes and all of them are tailor made holidays in Mongolia to present the best in attractions and amusement.

Route 1

The first route runs from Moscow and till Vladivostok via different cities and covering two continents. A total journey of six thousand miles, it takes a week to cover all the places with halts in several cities including Omsk and Kirov. At some points in the journey, the route intersects other tracks.

Route 2

The most interesting route in this itinerary is the Trans-Mongolian line taking you through Russia and into China and finally rounding off at Beijing. The Trans Siberian line is a five thousand mile journey covering the Mongolian Capital, Ulan Bator.

Route 3

The third route covers Siberia, Mongolia, the vast Gobi Desert and finally ends at China. The total journey of more than five thousand miles takes six days and will showcase the best scapes of Europe and Asia. As it starts, one can witness the snow covered Siberian plains that had once been the prison of the WWII POW. At its final points it intersects with the Trans Siberian railway lines and will be an amazing trip to be in.

Route 4

The fourth and final route that is offered by the Mongolian Trans Siberian railways is also popular as the Trans Manchurian line. This will take you from Moscow and till Beijing but through a different route than offered by Route 1. This is a historical route and varies in many aspects than the initial Trans Mongolian route. You would be crossing the Russia-China border twice in this single trip and this certainly is an achievement in itself. However, you can still opt for the original route if you are comfortable to take a fe stopovers and change your ride.

The Trans-Siberian railways tours are offered in both directions and you can either start from west or the east according to your convenience. In all cases, this ride is an excellent opportunity to witness something different than the normal beach and adventure holidays. The places covered in the itinerary showcase the most integral parts of Chine and Mongolian history. There are memories to be made in this amazingly tailor made holidays in Mongolia and you certainly can always ask for more.

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