The Best Holiday Packages for Mongolia

Mongolia had opened its doors to visitors since 1990’s and it is easy and exciting to come back with amazing memories. There are several unique options facilitated by the Mongolian Government and agencies and include the infamous Trans-Siberian rail tours, Horse Riding trips, Mongol Rally and other conventional sightseeing options. The Mongolian holiday packages would surely let you bask in some of the most unique experiences of this world.

Mongolia, as a nation has had a long history of changing civilization, wars and disasters of all kinds. While most of the landscape is at the mercy of nature, there are vast scapes that have been turned in manmade heritage sites. Other than that the traditional Mongolian culture will surely mesmerize visitors and not to speak of its music, culture, food and nightlife. Overall, you get anything you can ask for! It’s a calm corner of the world that has been silenced through years of tyranny. Mongolia still has held onto its territories and hosts some of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world – the Altai Mountains, Lake Khovsgol, Khentii Hills, the Gobi Desert, the snow covered Siberian landscape, the Lake Balkhash and much more. On the adventure treks, you would be able to witness the glory of nature at its pristine best. The mountains and valleys lay an intrinsic feeling that every eager mind will be able to experience.

If you happen to be travelling in the summers, prefer to include the Nomads Day festival and Naadam Festival on your Mongolian holiday package. If you are here in the winters, you alternatively have the option of witnessing the Eagle Hunting festival hosted at Chingisiin Khuree Tourist Camp where you would be riding horses to shoot the birds. If you can lay your hand on the Golden Eagle, it should be the most unique vacation you have ever won!

If shooting eagles is not a part of your plan, you can head straight to the crystal clear waters in Lake Khovsgol. This too can be done while you are mounted on a horse and in true Mongol style. This lake is special and as the smoothly running waters meanders through the bedrock, the view therein is certainly enchanting. Far in the horizon embrace the majestic mountains and add tranquility to the scape. Her, you will also encounter some of the most amazing animal species of this world including the White Tailed Gazzles and Ibex.

Apart from natural wonders, Mongolia has a lot to deliver in terms of human interest sites. The Gobi Desert hosts some secluded ruins that can be a mesmerizing experience. Also do find out the time to discover the Khoomie songs sung by locals and the incredible array of traditional clothing they dress in.

As you return, don’t forget to have a bite of the Nomadic food and their traditional barbeque! Mongolia has a lot to give and is one of the most sought after destination in South East Asia holidays. Be sure to make it here at least once in your lifetime.

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