Wildlife Visits to Cambodia

For those who have already been to Cambodia, the wildlife experience is sure to be fresh on their minds. The country boasts amazing wildlife diversity and though there have been issues related to poaching and hunting, efforts by the government and several local and international NGO’s are putting the diversity back on track. Most of Cambodia’s wild species have been recognizes to be endangered by IUCN and this has increased the popularity of the visits. Tailormade tours to Cambodia essentially include wildlife visits and this allows the government to help take measure in the conservation of these species and stop the degrading forests and vanishing wild.

Cambodia has always been popular for its historical temples, bustling cities, rich traditions and mouth watering cuisines. However, there is a wild frontier to the country’s scape and it never fails to mesmerize its audience. Wildlife tour operators in Cambodia have come up with an amazing mix of new itineraries that include Elephant Safaris, Bird Watching tours, and wild treks to the jungle with expert guides. For those planning for a memorable Asia wildlife holiday, Cambodia could be a destination to consider.

The sparsely populated and remote forests of Khmer Rouge present some of the most exotic wild species including leopards, wild elephants, Asian black bear and even rhinos moving freely in the mystic scape. These forests shelter endangered bird species like White Shouldered Ibis and Giant Ibis who come to nestle in the Tmatboey region close to the Kulen Pontep Wildlife Sanctuary. Birders get many an opportunity to sight and photograph exotic jungle species like grebes and pelicans. Bird watching tours don’t cost must but could be an amazing revelation of the territory.

While creepy crawlies may be distasteful for some, the exotic species in Cambodia will surely draw your attention. The most amazing species of reptiles include the majestic King Cobra, Green sea Turtle, Pacific Green Turtle, Indo Pacific Crocodiles and Saltwater Crocodiles. Apart from this, there is an amazing diversity of freshwater fishes with the numbers counting to a staggering 850. Some of the most popular fish varieties are Dragon Fish, Snakehead Fish, and Barbus. All of these are showcased in Cambodia’s Zoo. The most popular zoo is the Phnom Ta Mao Zoo exhibiting more than 1,200 animals in 2,300 hectares of regenerating and protected forests. Animal care and rehabilitation is at its best and the zoo works for the conservation of the country’s wild heritage.

Places to trek for wildlife include Bokor National Park, Kratie, Mondulkiri, Sihanouk Ville and Tonle Sap. The rich surrounding and the perfect climate have boosted the popularity of wildlife tours in the country. Looking back at its heritage, one can witness more than 200 mammal species, 536 bird species, 240 reptile species and many other types of mollusks and marine life.

Cambodian wildlife is increasingly making their mark Asia wildlife holidays and more and more numbers of people are coming each year. If you are planning for a visit, Xplore Asia will be glad to help with the itinerary.

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