Constipation Symptoms

Constipation is some of those subjects several prefer to discuss. If you’ve experienced this issue, however, you realize it may be both annoying and unpleasant.

Just about everyone gets constipated at some point during their life. It affects around 2% of the populace in the U.S. Females and seniors are far more frequently affected. Constipation could be a problem, although not often severe.

What’s Constipation?

Constipation occurs when bowel evacuations become hard or less-frequent. The standard period of time between bowel evacuations varies widely from individual to individual. Many people have bowel evacuations three times each day; others, just one or two times per week. Heading longer than three days with no bowel motion is too much time. After three nights, the chair or feces become tougher and more challenging to move.

If you’ve several of the next for at-least a few months you’re deemed irregular:

ü  Straining throughout a bowel movement over 25% of times

ü  Hard chairs over 25% of times

ü  Incomplete evacuation over 25% of times

ü  Two or less bowel evacuations in per week



What Can Cause Constipation?

Constipation is generally the result of a condition of colon function rather than structural problem. Constipation symptoms include:

ü  Inadequate water consumption

ü  Inadequate fiber in the dietary plan

ü  An interruption of normal diet or program; touring

ü  Inadequate action or exercise or immobility

ü  Eating considerable amounts of milk products

ü  Stress

ü  Resisting the need to truly have a bowel movement that will be often caused by suffering from hemorrhoids

ü  Overuse of laxatives (stool softeners) which, with time, damage the colon muscles

ü  Hypothyroidism

ü  Neurological problems such as for instance Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis

ü  Antacid medications containing calcium or aluminum

ü  Medicines (particularly powerful pain medications, such as for instance drugs, antidepressants, or iron tablets)

ü  Depression

ü  Eating problems

ü  Irritable colon problem

ü  Pregnancy

ü  Colon cancer

In some instances, insufficient great nerve and muscle function in the colon can also be an underlying cause of constipation.

What’re the Outward Symptoms of Constipation?

Outward indications of constipation may include:

ü  Infrequent bowel movements and/or trouble having bowel movements

ü  Swollen stomach or abdominal discomfort majorly in elderly and disabled persons

ü  Pain

ü  Vomiting

Extensive testing wasn’t needed by most people to identify constipation. Merely a few individuals with constipation have a far more serious medical problem. If you’ve constipation for significantly more than fourteen days, you should visit a doctor so he/she can determine the origin of one’s problem and handle it. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential, if constipation is brought on by cancer of the colon.

Tests your doctor may conduct to identify the reason for your constipation includes:

ü    Blood assessments if your hormonal imbalance is thought

ü    Barium reports to consider obstruction of the colon

ü    Colonoscopy to consider obstruction of the colon

ü    Home remedies for constipation sometimes increase constipation

The great majority of individuals with constipation don’t have any apparent disease to describe their symptoms and experience in one of two issues:

ü  Colonic inertia. An ailment where the colon maintains and agreements badly chair

ü  Obstructed defecation. An ailment where the individual exceptionally traces to eliminate stool in the colon

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