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On the Island of Borneo part of Malaysia there exists a little known resort called Nipah Resort about a half an hour drive from Sandakan the resort is the perfect place to see the Proboscis Monkeys. In fact the owner of the resort had no intention of building a resort here. As he developed his rubber plantation he spotted the sight of a Proboscis monkey. He soon realized his land was the habitat for a few hundred monkeys. Instead of destroying the area and continuing his rubber plantation he took the risk to develop the Labuk Bay Sanctuary and the nearby Nipah Resort. The resort is about a 10 minute drive from the view platform and the resort has morning and afternoon transfers to go and spot the Proboscis monkeys. We were thrilled that we could see them jumping and playing around in their natural habitat which helped get over the disappointment of seeing the Orangutans at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. Although the Orangutans are treated well the daily show of feeding there has become too much of a tourist attraction. Viewing the Orangutans would be much better in the neighbouring province of Sarawak or trying to spot them in the wild on a river tour in Sukau.

It was an interesting experience to see the male dominant monkeys surrounded by up to 30 females with its big belly and long nose. It was also so great to know that part of their habitat is being protected as land development for rubber and oil has resulted in a loss of vast areas of habitat it Borneo. Nipah Resort were very accommodating and took us on a night walk to see the fire flies around the resort. The resort was very peaceful and made for the perfect place for a base for a wildlife holiday. To add to the amazing holiday there was an opportunity to see the Green and Horksbill turtles. The drive from Nipah resort to Sandakan took around 30 minutes where we boarded a boat for a 2 ½ hour ride to Selingan Island. In the evening we took a nighttime walk along the beach and waiting in silence as we saw rows of turtles come onshore to lay their eggs and newly-hatched turtles depart to sea. It is interesting that the temperature of the sand determines the sex of the baby turtles. This made me wonder the affect that climate change would have on the future of the turtles. All in all this was a great holiday to experience the wildlife and nature of Borneo.

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