Short Excursions in Asia

For those with a few days to spare while on holiday in Asia or for those looking for a short excursion on a stopover there are a variety of options to choose from.

China offers great opportunities when on a trip through Beijing one shouldn’t miss a visit to the Great Wall. Make sure you try and get away from the touristy section of the wall and take a cable car up to the historic Mutianyu section. For those with a little more time a two or three-day excursion to Xian to see the Teracotta Warriors is a must. Halong  Bay in Vietnam has a range of tours from budget to luxury where you can take 2 or 3 day cruises. Limestone karsts and Islands dot the Gulf of Tonkin and sailing through is truly breathtaking.

For those with a little more time might want to consider a short cycling excursion to Laos. Southern Laos has great quiet roads passing waterfalls, coffee plantations and pre-Angkor temples. It also boasts Khon Phapeng falls known as the “Niagra of the East”. The volume following through the falls during rainy season is equivalent to that of Niagra falls. The falls make a natural border between Laos and Cambodia and oxygenate the water in the river providing a habitat for thousands of migratory species of fish as well as the rare Irrawaddy dolphins which reside in lower Mekong. Short excursions to southern Laos start from 3 to 4 days with a cycle tour lasting around 7 days.

Laos was the birth of the Angkor kingdom with the temple of Wat Phu till the Angkor Kingdom moved its capital to Siem Reap in the 12th Century. Siem Reap is located about 200 km south of Wat Phu but for those looking for a short excursion the Temples of Angkor known as the 8th Wonder of the World connections can easily be made from Bangkok, Malaysia or many other south east Asian countries. The temples are spread out over a 60 km radius from Siem Reap so a minimum of three days is recommended with plenty of other options for activities in Siem Reap for those who want a little change from the temple visits. The main complex of Angkor Thom is located just a few km from Siem Reap town and would make the highlight for any trip. Part of the temple complex is the famous Angkor Wat and the Jungle temple of Tha Prohm. A three-day tour makes a great escape or stopover cultural tour from Bangkok.

Asia has an endless list of short excursions, which can be matched to your specific holiday or flight plans. For those with a little spare time between flights or looking for some activities to pass on those free days you need not worry as there is the right excursion for you.

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