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If you run an automotive business that routinely stocks or sells tires, teaming up with a wholesale tire distributor is a smart move that allows you to offer more options to your customers, and also extends your profit margins.  tire dealers distributors allow retail businesses to apply for a dealer account based on credit history, type of business, and positive references from others in the industry. Once you have a wholesale account, you’ll have access to a huge inventory of discount tires from all of the major manufacturers. Keep these guidelines in mind when you are looking to partner up with a wholesale tire dealer.

If you prefer to purchase wholesale tires on credit, find a dealer that offers this type of payment option. Most dealers will run a background and credit check, so don’t bother applying if you have a poor credit history. If you do make use of your credit, make sure you make all of your payments on time. Not only will late payments incur interest rates, but they’ll also upset and annoy your distributor.

These factors are just some of the many variables to keep in mind when searching for a wholesale tire distributor. Also keep in mind things like years in business, specials, the quality of customer support, reviews and recommendations, and any available technology such as online ordering systems. Use the internet to maximize the results of the sources. A lot of the dealers today already have their own websites, so that clients like you could easily track them down and inquire about their products and services. There are also third party sites that serve as directories for all the nearby dealers in a particular town or city. Either way, you won’t have to worry that you are not going to find good sources for wholesale tires, because you are going to.

Remember that when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, you don’t necessarily have to always buy the most expensive brands of tire warehouse. First and foremost, you look at the quality and whether or not it’s worth your money.

Let’s face it people, the world is changing. Whether it’s the increasing price of fuel, the improved performance of cars, or the increasing number of online stores offering discount tires direct to the US public. Recent reports suggest competition amongst tire sellers has intensified, with the new wave of online tire stores gaining ground over the independent dealers.

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