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The cost of renting an apartment or a full property in London would easily be in excess of £1,000 a month. This is irrespective of where one takes a house for rent in proper London. The prices fall as one moves towards the suburbs. However, the rent for a student spare room is much lesser and this is why this option is so popular among the young people. There are thousands of young people that look for a room to let and there are hundreds of homeowners that let their spare rooms out on rent. What is required is a common platform where both the homeowners and the prospective tenants can meet.


This common platform is available in the form of directories. No, we are not asking you to buy one of those fat yellow pages directories and search for student spare room in them. We recommend that you use online directories so that searching for a room to let becomes much easier and much more convenient.


To search for a spare room online you simply need to enter your requirements in the online directory and the results will pop out for you. You may be interested in a studio apartment or a room and the online directory will give you the option to choose. You can choose the location; you can choose a room with existing tenants or you can choose a room where your friend and you can move in. Once you have the options listed go through them and then you need to visit the shortlisted properties. This cuts short the time spent on your search and you can choose from the properties you selected.


When you consider a student spare room for accommodation it is best to consider some salient points. Before you finalize a room to let it is best to talk to the landlord or the landlady and clarify certain questions that you should have in your mind.


There are certain rules and regulations that your prospective landlord or landlady is bound to have. For example someone would want you to come back not after midnight; or someone may have the rule that you cannot drink alcohol inside the room and someone may have some regulations about cleaning. Some of them would also include food as part of the rental agreement. With these online directories you can pinpoint on what you want and the right results will be there for you to see. There would be some additional rules that will not be mentioned in the directories and for this you will need to meet the landlord or the landlady and get them clarified.


The internet really makes it easy to find a student spare room. If you think that only tenants are interested in these directories you will find that scores of homeowners also use these directories to advertise about their room to let. Use these directories properly and it wouldn’t be difficult at all to find that perfect accommodation in your choice location in London.

The internet forms the perfect meeting platform for those offering room to let and those looking for student spare room.

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