What to Keep in Mind Before Buying Cuban Cigars

When you purchase a carton of handmade cigars (Havana cigars) you must unclose the box to see  the contents. The first opinion to make is purely seeable: they should look high-quality. These are all of the similar color. They must be matched, in the right way: darker side on the left, lighter on the right. If there is any significant change in color, it would be wise to not buy it, as they are possible to be contradictory in flavor, and the box might perhaps have escaped last quality control in the manufacturing plant. If these differ considerably in color and the box is by then  opened, it is more likely to mean that few of them have been added from some other box. The spiral of the wrapping leaf must be in the similar position on all the cigars. Don’t be afraid to smell it , to realize if you find the bouquet satisfactory, If their aroma is great, they should taste great, as well. Smell the cut up ends, or take one cigar out, and smell the space where it lay: that way you will experience the bouquet totally.

Also, feel 1 or 2 of the cuban cigars. They should spring a bit when you press mildly between finger and thumb, however should also spring back to its normal shape. They must be even-textured. If they make a sound, they are excessively old or dry. If they don’t recover their shape, they are not well manufactured. If it shows no elasticity when you press or is mushy, it has been poorly stocked and will smoke terrible. A fresh cuban cigar (not more than 3 months old) will bounce back to its shape, even if your finger as well as thumb make the 2 sides almost touch.

If you can, purchase cigars in big quantities (boxes of ten or more ) instead of boxes of 5 which are often less good and less uniform than large quantities.

Cigars covered with the plastic wrap can be just as good as those left free in the box (except, that is, if they are machine-made). At times, plastic wrap turns brownish by soaking up the oils from the cigar it contains. This shouldn’t make any change to the quality of it, especially if it is then decently humidified. Hand-crafted Havanas seldom come in plastic wrap,  even though, a few sizes of Cohiba cuban cigar do, when sold-out in small packs.

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