Solicitors Conveyancing Fees: What You Need to Know

The transfer of property involves some administrative and legal work known as conveyancing. Conveyancing remains one of the most nerve-jangling parts of buying or selling a property and is usually taken care of, by a solicitor. There are several reasons why the aid of lawyers or licensed solicitors is sought in this regard. Not only, they do make the entire process (that of conveyancing) very smooth for us (most of whom do not understand the nitty-gritty of the legal aspects of the transfer of property) these solicitors also ensure that there is absolutely no chance of dispute at any point of time after the sale of the property .

Now, before hiring the services of a licensed solicitor, one of the crucial factors that you would unmistakably consider is the solicitors conveyancing fees. As you would be looking to hire someone with a decent reputation and expertise without making a hole in your finances, it would only help if you acquaint yourself with ways of finding lawyers charging affordable fees.

One of the most effective ways of raking in cheaper services would be to opt for online conveyancing. There are solicitors who have upgraded their mode of operation from offline to online transfer of deeds and other important documents. These papers are sent online and the two parties involved in the transfer of the property sign them. Since, online transfer of deeds is a pretty quick method, saving up both the time and the energy of the solicitor; it is cheaper than the conventional deed transfer procedure as well. The traditional method, on the other hand, though proves more expensive, lets you be in touch with your lawyer all the time.

There are ways of saving up substantially while you’re hiring a lawyer. Make sure that you’re comparing the conveyancing quotes thoroughly before zeroing in on someone. Do not rush through the process of hiring solicitors. Do not blindly follow what your estate agent has to say- rather consider personal and unbiased recommendation from friends, more seriously.

The fees conveyancing might vary from lawyer to lawyer and with the complexity of the transfer procedure that you are involved in. However, it’s not necessary that the fees charged by the lawyer would essentially reflect the quality of service offered by him.

The size of the firm, the value of the property that’s going to be transferred, the experience of the firm itself, the value of the land- everything put together influences the fees to be charged by the lawyer.

As a buyer or a seller of the house, you have to ensure that you are settling for the best of both worlds (both in terms of finance and quality of service) while hiring conveyancing services.

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