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Buying property is not as easy as buying a commodity from the shop. It requires a lot of thought and planning. Just by selecting a home through advertisement or different means and paying money for it is not enough. You need to go through a long legal process called conveyancing. Since the procedure is complicated any kind of ignorance can cost you huge. To avoid such a mistake most of the buyer and seller of property like to appoint a professional conveyancer or solicitor who can take care of these issues. This necessity leads to a dilemma of choosing an expert.

The best way of selecting a professional to handle your real estate investment is through comparison. Earlier people knew that whenever they decide to invest in real estate they need to appoint a lawyer and thus the solicitors enjoyed monopoly. After 1987 the rule of these lawyers came to an end and today people have a lot of choice. Now, one can select a solicitor, lawyer or a licensed Conveyancer.

As per parliament rule the licensed conveyancer go through an examination covering all the complex subjects of law. They are good communicators and have an extensive experience in order to provide the best service to their customers. They also provide the service at a low cost. Low cost does not mean cheaper fee than the other solicitors available in the area but it does qualify the quality of service. They offer the following service.

1. They help in remortgage, buying, and selling of residential property anywhere in England and Wales. During the process they ensure that the documents are legal and the title is transferred. In case of tenancy they ensure that all the important points are mentioned properly in the lease papers.

2. Licensed Coveyancer also help in sale and purchase of commercial property. You can also appoint them even for remortgage. Commercial properties include shops, building, development land etc.

3. The licensed experts deal with a large number of clients and thus they can give you good advice when you plan to invest in real estate.

4. Licensed coveyancers can help you quickly get affidavit or any other kind declaration under oath.

When you appoint a licensed Coveyancer, you can surely rely on him/her and enjoy the peace of mind. These members are experienced and will provide legal support and advice to make the transaction smooth. He will respond to all your client’s queries and conduct necessary search to ensure that the property is legal. They can draft contracts with all the required terms and condition and collect all the bank transaction information to make sure that there is no laundering of money. He/she will also pay stamp duty and other fees on your behalf.

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