Which whiskey would be good for my taste?

Question by Sean: Which whiskey would be good for my taste?
Hello. I’m interested in discovering some new whiskies that suit my taste. The only whiskies I’ve tasted (and liked) are Jameson Black something, another Jameson that I can’t recall (possibly, the “basic” one), and some sort of a Johnnie Walker (probably, the “basic” one too, if such exists).

Which relatively high quality (but not extremely expensive) whiskies would suit my taste?


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Answer by sailorbeavis
If you like Irish and Scotch whisky, then you should at least try bourbon. Bourbons are sweeter than the others you’ve tried, but good ones have as complex a flavor profile as the best Scotch. I like either Four Roses or Woodford Reserve.

Rye whiskey is also another good one. Bulleit Rye is about 95% rye grain and is a very spicy, full-bodied whiskey that is great on the rocks, or made into a Manhattan cocktail.

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