Environmental Articles and Battling Climate Change

Almost 50% of the top news headlines, read on a daily basis, involve or surround severe environmental implications.  From severe and unusual flooding (some of which being allegedly caused by beavers), to the repercussions of unusually powerful storms, to the derailment of trains carrying shipments of crude oil, to the powerful consequences of rainforest deforestation, Environmental Articles are making information surrounding the state of today’s environment unavoidable.

EnvironmentalArticles_230120141055How many of these articles are being taken seriously?

Environmental Articles arguing the severity of over-deforestation of the rainforests have been blazing their headlines for a while now with no seeming avail, despite the multifaceted impacts that are already proven to be occurring in the shadow of deforestation.  Even in current headlines, an overabundance of beavers are being blamed for instances of train derailment, the threat of which being heretofore unseen due to the current and sudden rise in floodwater.

Powerful storms and blizzards are shocking cities previously unaccustomed to the likes of such weather, while the popular exclamation remains that global warming is obviously a myth due to the recent storms which have been caused by significant drops in temperature.  Further, the emphasis on train derailment is not the environmental impact of the multitudes of crude oil which have been lost over the years, but rather the need for newer transportation equipment to more efficiently extract the oil.

Ignoring the Evidence

So why are all of these overwhelmingly severe symptoms making headlines while the obvious cause of the affliction is repeatedly being ignored?

It seems that “Global Warming” is rapidly becoming one of the most taboo and controversial phrases—to the extent that it continues to be overlooked when its symptoms, those which are rapidly increasing in severity (as well as the Environmental Articles that inform of those symptoms), are becoming more and more unavoidable.

It seems, however, that Neil Young, a popular Canadian Rock musician, is asking the same questions as those put forth by current Environmental Articles.  Young, outraged by the recent Canadian oil sands expansion, is launching a fundraising tour consisting of 4 concerts to fund the battle against the oil sands project.  He reports that he is outraged at the Canadian government, and fully supports the First Nations fight against the Alberta oil sands expansion due to its destructive impact on the environment.

Young describes the oil sands, after touring on 50 sites with his son, as “the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It`s the greediest, most destructive and most disrespectful demonstration of something that has run amok.”  Young further reprimands the Canadian government, stating: “I see a government completely out of control, and money is number one. Integrity isn’t even on the map.”

Reports on Young’s outrage, however, are buried with a number of other Environmental Articles beneath a surge of headlines depicting tax hikes, corruption inquiries and government scandals—not to mention the rampant coverage of the latest and greatest Hollywood blether.  The articles sit just beneath the surface, though, waiting for the next catastrophe to bring them into the limelight, when their message will become detrimentally unavoidable.

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