Using Gypsum Plaster As A Building Material

Building material should have certain features which make it durable, hard and resistant. Gypsum plaster is a material that is used by many as a building material. The other and popular name for it is plaster of Paris. Gypsum has features that are having a similarity with mortar or cement that are generally used for construction purpose. Gypsum is heated to extremely high temperature, after that it is mixed with water. Thus a paste gets prepared as is soft. After some time when this paste cools down it becomes hard. As this material can be molded easily into different shapes it is used for decorative purposes. Gypsum has a long history as it has been in use from hundreds of years. This material is resistant to fire, so risk of accidents due to fire is less.

Various uses and applications of Gypsum are written below:

Statue:  Plastering material like gypsum finds its use in making statues and sculptures. The plaster can be used for accurate and excellent working that makes it a fit for being used in statues and sculptures. Gypsum is a material which has found its use from renaissance.

Medical field: Many orthopedic specialists make use of this material in their field and get a lot of help using this material. Gypsum is useful in preparation of casts by the specialists. These casts prove as an aid and cure broken bones. They also help in protecting the bones.

Agriculture: Gypsum is used in fields as it helps to loosen soil. Moreover it is used as a fertilizer as it conditions the soil and helps in crop growth. This proves beneficial for the agriculturists.

Construction: Gypsum can be useful to bind materials during construction. It is also mixed with cement in order to reduce its setting speed. Gypsum has a property that it is resistant to molds fungi and moisture that is the reason as to why gypsum is used itself as a building material.

Other uses of gypsum are that it can be used for preparing black board chalks and it is also used for binding food products. It can be put to use while doing the floor work like installing tiles etc. The excellent binding power of gypsum helps to bind surfaces together. There are some dangers associated with the usage of gypsum, if not used properly then it can cause health hazards. Water and the plaster react with each other to produce enormous heat which is quite dangerous. Exposure to such high temperature can cause burns.

Gypsum plaster is available in various forms in the market and it can be purchased online also. Available forms of Gypsum are sheet form, powdered form etc.

The gist of the above written is that gypsum or plaster of Paris is a very important material and shows its usage in a variety of forms. It can be used for construction, agriculture, orthopedics and an efficient binding material in various things of importance. It should be used wherever applicable; only thing that needs to be taken care of is that you should not suffer burns while using it.

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