Some Tips for Wine and Cheese Pairings Party

For a special wedding or bridal shower, get together with friends, birthday party or making celebration of other types a wine and cheese pairings party can be a grand occasion. It is very easy to organize such type of a party putting together little effort on your part in spite of you knowing very little regarding cheese or wine. You can give a simple but graceful party not facing any sort difficulty and have a fascinating theme to boast of. According to the size and availability of your rooms or room you can set up them or it in different ways. One such way is to utilize a buffet table beside one wall having different sections. Another way is to arrange a number of “stations” inside the room by utilizing small tables keeping certain types of wines and complimentary cheeses on them. You can place some few other types of foods also since human being cannot live on cheese and wine alone.

Necessary decorations

A wine and cheese pairings party should not be too gaudy but somewhat elegant type. You can place white tablecloths of simple type along with white candles. You can also decorate them with grape leaves and grapes or any kind of seasonal fall leaves in case the party is hosted in the holly or fall, and if it is arranged in holidays pine boughs and ornaments can be used. Light floral bouquets can be utilized if the party is held during summer time. Fruits – particularly grapes suit with cheese and wine and therefore you can keep large antique bowl or three tiered centrepiece placing grapes or other types of fruits on them. In case your table being a big one, it could be focal point of attraction and you would also be able to utilize an old architectural vase filled with wine bottles and ice or  a big tiered platter along with several titbits on it. For easy identification you can have labels on each type of cheese that mention the name and standard flavour and more over for making them attractive you can also provide the details about history and origin of them. An interesting thought would be to utilize the cheese boards which are prepared of compressed wine bottles for cutting the cheese.

Plates and glasses

You should ensure that proper types wine glasses are used with each type of wine. Red wine has to be served through a ball shaped glass while white wine should be fluted however not as slender like any champagne flute. The glasses for each type should be kept in bunch so that invited guests can avail them according to their choice whenever they wish. For plates you can keep wine themed dishes or avail an assorted mix of small antique plates. You should also ensure that numbers of small plates are there to enable the guests to taste small quantity of cheese along with each type of wine. A wine and cheese pairings party requires more things like plenty of interesting crackers and breads besides cheese and wine.

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