Different Benefits of Danish Blue Cheese

White double cream cheeses are the most well liked topping accompanied with bagels and suitable for dips and frostings. Usually an average sized cream cheese contains one hundred two calories and its content is about two tablespoons. Majority portion of the calorie, about ninety-two is found from the fat within the cream. This fat of saturated type can affect negatively to our health and contributes to raise the cholesterol levels of the body. For a man of average type the maximum recommendation is not exceeding that thirty gram of cream cheese regularly and the quantum should be less in case of taking white double cream cheese. In case of women the maximum limits are less and chesses containing cream are considered to be unsafe during pregnancy.

Benefits of other type

There is however, another theory which states that cheese can be a good alternative for keeping the body in good condition and it provides adequate nutrition. From scientific research it has been found that K2 a vital constituent of creamy cheese can be beneficial to the heart, bones of the body and the brain. White coloured double cream cheese could be ample source of protein and calcium.  Protein diets reduce hunger and create tendency of less eating in human being and in this way cheese can become a contributory factor for weight losing. It can also be included in a well planned diet chart where it is found that protein acts as an agent for lessening the absorption rate of carbohydrate soon after the meals and contain the level of blood sugar within the body.

The other option

If your physician is worried about the exorbitant quantum of saturated fat which white double cream cheese contains, you may opt alternatively for additional cream containing Danish Blue Cheese. As commonly found in standard cream cheeses, this variation has lowest amount of 33% milk fat and is subject to other type of specifications also. It does not contain excessive amount of sodium which is caused owing to manufacturing process and it does not hamper your BP, nerve and muscle functioning in any manner. However, Danish Blue Cheese should be compulsorily avoided at the time of pregnancy since listeria is one of its constituents.

Other qualities

There is other good news for cheese lovers also. Top quality Danish Blue Cheese is able to provide vital minerals, vitamins, amino acids, vitamin K2, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D3. All these things can be very effective for reducing cardiovascular and osteoporosis diseases and so long your double cream cheese is manufactured by a renowned maker, there is no cause to worry about. While it is found that cream content in the Danish Blue Cheese would be excessive in fat, the vital product, it helps to curb the fat content and therefore this is a great choice for cheese lovers who are also conscious about their health. The other option is cream cheese of light type which might be included as a good diet for persons who are not suffering from certain types of diseases like arthritis, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

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