Making Dressing with Double Cream Blue Cheese at Home

Are you fond of double cream blue cheese dressing for burgers, chicken wings or salads and do not like to buy it readymade from the shop? You are on the right page at present as you will be able to learn about the secrets for making such a delicious item at home. This is a very flavourful and versatile cheese and can be utilized in lots of homemade recipes of cheese, which obviously includes dips and dressings. There are lots of methods for preparing it but here the method discussed is apt for preparing it for dressing purpose. The next time you wish to turn your boring salad spicy or offer a yummy appetizer to your friends and family you should feel free to attempt this at home.

The first kind of double cream blue cheese dressing that we are going to discuss about is called the parmesan blue cheese dressing. The number of ingredients needed for this recipe is quite many but the end product is so delicious that it is worth giving a try. Tabasco sauce is the secret behind its really awesome taste. This blue cheese recipe is very good for salad and many people also use it as a dressing for chicken wings.

The ingredients that are required for making the Parmesan Blue Cheese include a cup of mayonnaise, about three-fourth cup of sour cream and a half cup buttermilk are required. Besides, one-fourth Parmesan cheese is the obvious requirement but it has to be grated. Worcestershire sauce and white vinegar is required one teaspoon each. The secret element for making this Parmesan Blue Cheese i.e. Tabasco sauce is required; a dash of it is enough. The other things needed are finely minced garlic about one clove, crumbled blue cheese about eight ounces by weight are also required. Salt and pepper are the last two obvious items which are required as per taste.

The first three ingredients, i.e. mayonnaise, buttermilk and sour cream are to be whisked together in a large size bowl. The next four items i.e. Parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce, white vinegar and Tabasco sauce are needed to be added to it. After adding these ingredients the crumbled cheese must be mixed very slowly. After it is over all you need to do is add some salt and pepper as per taste for seasoning and then put it inside the refrigerator. It should be kept in the refrigerator for at least an hour for making it ready for use.

Another exciting double cream blue cheese dressing recipe that is quite easy to prepare is the Award-Winning Blue Cheese Dressing. It requires twelve oz of sour cream and half cup mayonnaise. You can substitute both these items with their low fat versions if you are bit health conscious. Half cup buttermilk, onion salt about one teaspoon, finely minced garlic two cloves and the previous two ingredients need to be mixed well. Then add to it eight oz of Crumbled Danish Blue cheese. Now put this in an airtight container and keep it inside the refrigerator.

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