Brie and Camembert are Kinds of Soft Creamy White Cheese

Camembert and Brie, which are often termed as the ‘most elegant’ among cheese types are extremely soft and white and they are worth this reputation. On a cheese platter they always hold the centre stage because of their golden buttery centre and white velvety rind. There is much argument about who created such kind of cheese for the first time. However, its first place of origin is believed to be in northern part of France. This place is believed to be Brie but its popularization was done by a farmer who was from Camembert. The uniqueness in this kind of cheese comes from the usage of special type of cultures known as Penicillium Candidum. This culture allows the growth of white downy bloom on the cheese surface. Due to this the cheese matures, ripens from the outside to inside. Thus, the centre is a soft creamy white cheese with excellent taste and aroma.

The rind which is generally white but sometimes may have an orange tinge is perfect for eating and enhances the texture of the cheese, thus making it the most elegant among different types of cheeses. Though, previously this kind of Camembert and Brie cheeses were originally prepared in particular sizes but at present both small and large variations of size are also discovered. Some soft white creamy cheese might be both buttery and mild or savoury and rich. This at times does have a kind of fragrance that resembles mushroom’s smell. The use of different kinds of cultures by cheese makers in the cheese making process produces different type of styles among cheeses. The different styles of cheeses have different types of flavours.

The final cheese quality depends on the method adopted for making the cheese. Brie and Camembert cheese of conventional style is handmade. In this traditional style of making the time taken by the cheese to become ripe is comparatively more than the other methods. However, this method produces the best variety of cheese as it adds to the cheese a unique texture and a flavour that will be loved by all. Thus, even though this is a time consuming process it is worth waiting because of quality that is produced after the wait. The flavours of cheeses that are prepared with a modern method are generally milder and have a consistent texture.

While looking for soft creamy white cheese such as Camembert and Brie must given way even to slight pressure of the thumb; the same test process as in the case of ripe avocado. The rind must appear as if it is beginning to transform from milk white colour to blotchy when ripe. This exhibits that the rind actively matures the cheese. There is nothing to worry even if you find white mould developing on the cheese surface as it indicates that it is maturing well as it is alive. When these kinds of cheeses become fully ripe it becomes the tastiest. Thus, these kinds of cheeses are the best to taste when it is near the expiry date.

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